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Hm... $50 bucks down the drain...

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    hey, we definitely have to have a game of deathmatch soon....i haven't played dm in a couple of months (been mainly playing ONS) i am sure my fragging skills are extremely rusty....i am sure you could actually take me
    as for the dodging...i have mine set higher than most people (around 0.5 it think)...i could easily set it lower but just haven't chenaged it back down since learning to dodge...
    the higher it is, the more time you have to double tap the key to refers to if it is set to 0.5 you have 0.5 seconds to hit the second key to dodge, so the lower you set it the less time you have....that's why if people are learning dodge they may set it higher but it can get annoying if you are on a ledge and tap forward forward by accindent and dodge of the ledge....with a lower setting this is less likely to occur
    as for timing your dodge jump....
    say right right jump, yes say see how it flows when you say it out loud or in your head at a reasonable pace....thats how you press the can leave the jump later but after going beyond the peak of your jump i don't think you will be able to jump...maximising your dodge jump is hard, doing it is reletively easy...
    I should be on sometime tonight....we can have a go at or e-mail me your e-mail address and i will get you our clan Teamspeak server info...that way we can chat and it should work pretty well.


      want a challenge... set up a game with 10 total including yourself.

      so thats 5 on a side... put the bots on god mode... or adjust level... theyll give you a very nice work out and great practice.
      So, its not 50.00 down the drain.... its a great game you can play against bots that can and will give you a work out.


        Originally posted by jqvander
        xfire is really there any advantage between using xfire or just the buddy list ?
        Yeah. I mostly play 2k4 with an occasional D3 or UT99 here and there.

        The buddylist allows you to see whos playing what, keeps a list of your favorite servers, and lets you join them, and is a full featured instant messenger, but the main thing is, it lets you do all that without having to fire up UT2k4.

        You know what i mean? Fire it up, go to the internet games, only to see that your favorite servers are empty and none of your friends are playing? You can get that in a glace with xfire.

        add me if you end up getting it.


          cool...will add you tonight when i am you username the same as the one you use here?...
          also for xfire, how does adding a buddy you add there in game username or is there a "global" username that you would use for xfire?


            you add their xfire name.

            mines in my signature. see below.


              just got home...will find xfire and install...
              you will be the first on my buddylist :up:

              edit: have just added you...just waiting for you to accept
              my username is : steelpeel


                (originaly posted by:/ \ / \ AGNU)
                It Rocks with a capital 'R'
                No, it rocks with ALL capitals, :up:UT2004 ROCKS!!!