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Why can't I kill people

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    DON'T jump a lot, that makes you easy to predict. Dodge at random times or just as they are about to fire.

    Try and be unpredictable really.

    Practicing 1 weapon at a time is a good idea, then weapon combos (like lg -> minigun)


      also, try to determine which guns is good for which type of situation, so when you get good with all teh guns its easier to switch between them and gain an advantage.

      For example, the flak cannon wont always work when someoens far away. The sniper rifles pointless when point blank. And the minigun wont do much good when in a crowded hallway.
      But the sniper rifle is perfect for long distances, flak cannon is perfect for point blank, and the rocket launcher is good for crowdd hallways. and the minigun is good for medium and long range, but for long range you ahve to shoot ahead so they run into ur bulelts and use the secondary fire for mroe accuracy.

      Once you get the guns down, just hit jump, and dodge at random times so they can't shoot ahead of you and make u run into their fire. So they can't predict where your going it makes it alot ahrder for them to kill you.

      Also get to know all the nooks and crannies of the maps. The worst thing is to try and back out of a fight but only to run yourself into a corner and get yourself blown up.


        Practice.... practice... practice!!


          And then practice some more.


            As they've said, just play! As with anything in life you will get better the more you do it. Dont worry to much about picking up tips etc, much of the fun of a new game is figuring out how it should be played - I dont think trying to shortcut this helps in the long run, if you want to be good - work out whats best for you. There is no magical setting or technique that will turn you into a godlike player.

            Each time you play learn from your experiences, see what works, what doesnt. If you keep getting fragged in a certain way come up with a plan to avoid it in the future. If you get lots of frags then remember what you did! Dont be afraid to experiment - the good guys are the ones who keep pushing the limits and are able to discover a new 'edge'.

            Its not as hard as some people make it sound, you dont need to 'train', or read pages and pages of tips, or recieve lessons from the so called 'pros'. Ive got to be an OK player just by playing a few hours a week during 'relaxation' time. At the end of the day UT isnt the most complex game in the world - cf the literature availabe on chess!


              FatalContagion to the rescue!!! Play all of the maps in instant action with no bots to familiarize yourself with all the items and weapons :up: