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Single Player: do challenges improve bot skills?

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    Single Player: do challenges improve bot skills?

    Between rounds in single player, you can take "challenges" -- head-to-head and Bloodrites so far, maybe more later on.

    I'm wondering if these challenges factor into the bots' overall adaptation and increased skill levels as the game progresses... i.e. am I just making the game much harder much faster by playing tons of between-round challenges, or are they "free" and do not affect how my enemies "evolve"?

    I hope that's clear... the extra $300 from challenges isn't worth it if it means the bots are going to be unbeatable midgame...

    - Matt

    The challenges themselves do not change the bot attributes.

    The regular challenges just earn (or lose) money for your team.

    The bloodrites challenges can change your team for better or worse. I recommend playing for the other team's most expensive player to boost your own team's levels. Challenge only Godlike teams, IMO.

    The bots do get better as you progress up the ladder. The last couple of matches at the tops of any of the ladders get pretty tough.

    Have fun!