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Demo Recording By UT2K4 Question

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    Demo Recording By UT2K4 Question

    Hi Party People

    I made some demo's but when i view them my weapons are hided is there an way to show them back? or must i use my video cam on the output of the vidcard?:down:

    Is there an way to show the weapons in de Demo?

    Cheers Chrizz

    Its a well known fact that the demo recorder is as buggy as hell, this is one example along with other glitches like your model being invisible etc - i dont think Epic are too bothered about fixing it in a hurry either. There are other ways of capturing a movie/demo - using an external program like Fraps or Snagit to record in the background is one, just hope you have powerful enough hardware to record in real-time :down:


      Okey Thanks

      Btw i can capture with fraps on the backgroun without lag but it takes so many hardisk space thats a -point

      I hope Epic fix the demo player for some cool movie makers

      Thanks Again