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Clan Fudge recruiting.

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    Clan Fudge recruiting.

    Clan Details

    Located in USA/CANADA. Europeans who want to come join the community just to play are perfectly welcome, but your pings will be unpleasant and our play times fairly obnoxious. (After time-zone adjustment you'll be playing well past 1am most likely.)

    Gametypes for Ladders: TDM, ONS, if enough people for another gametype show up we'll definitely consider another team for that too.


    We're serious about #7. You will never live it down, trust me. We're still picking on former [FDG]Sludge and it's been three years since he broke that one.



    Good personality, friendliness, and the drive to improve yourself. Must be willing to make an effort to make friends with the team. None of this "Yeah I'll come play w/ you guys but f**k actually talking to any of you, making friends, etc." I actually LIVE with 3 other Fudge members. We share an apartment - that's how good of friends the clan members can become.

    You don't need to be good at UT2004. You need to have a clue, yes. Good? No. We have one decent player in each gametype who can teach the less-experienced players, so there's always someone to help you improve. Most important is to just be part of the community, try to contribute however you can!

    If you're joining a clan just so you can have a fancy tag, we are not the team for you.

    Before I forget - matches are played under goofy pseudonyms, either chocolate related or a play on words. Examples: [FDG]Sundae, [FDG]Sickle, [FDG]Dredd. (examples from 3 current members)

    Stop by our forums and say hi!


    played on your server before......good guys. :up: