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Weapon bindings..

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    was just looking for s/TH like that


    EDIT: useful=

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    Flak / Rocket
    E=pipedswitchweapon 7|pipedswitchweapon 8

    LG / Shock Rifle
    T=pipedswitchweapon 9|pipedswitchweapon 4

    [key]=pipedswitchweapon X| pipedswitchweapon X

    0 Superweapons
    1 Shield Gun
    2 Assault Rifle
    3 Bio Rifle // Spider Mines
    4 Shock Rifle
    5 Link Gun
    6 Minigun
    7 Flak // Grenade Launcher
    8 Rocket Launcher // Avril
    9 Lightning Gun / Sniper Rifle
    10 Translocator

    Weapon 1-5 can also be seats in vehicles.

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    Isn't it just the | key used to separate stuff? :sour:
    Damnit, if only I knew...:bulb:

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  • started a topic Weapon bindings..

    Weapon bindings..

    I know this has been asked a thousand times, and I'll gladly ask it again. :noob:
    I was wondering if it was possible to bind two different weapons to one key, for example flak/rocket to a key and lightning gun/shockrifle to another key. Is it possible? (I did a search and saw stuff about pipedswitchweapon..did a search on that and got nothing.)