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Uploading Avatar and Sig?

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    Uploading Avatar and Sig?

    How in these forums can I get an avatar and signature to show up? I have them registered at a site already.

    With the sig, I've tried putting the 'image' tags around the address but it just makes it clickable... I want it to show up like a standard sig though!

    And my avatar, I don't even know WHERE in my profile to upload it, it's not in the page with the signature unless I'm seriousely missing something.

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    If you mean a picture signature - bad news, you aint allowed them on these forums, Atari banned them after some sort of copyright issues.
    As for your Avatar, you only get to choose one after you've made a certain number of posts (50 i think) - it will appear in the 'edit options' section of your user profile (the 'user cp' button up top)


      i think you have to send 50 posts to get a custom one but if its not u can get one straight away. Ok, go to ur user cp in the top right corner and then click on edit options and then go to the bottom of the page then click on change avatar


        rules for avatars are:[list=1][*]must have at least 50 posts[*]must find your own (atari don't provide them)[*]must be no bigger than 60x60 pixles[*]must be no larger than 10,000 bytes[*]must be cool (optional)[/list=1]

        these are the official rules for avatars to be used on this forum.
        how do i know? im a forum freak and ive made many mistakes when i chose my avatar so i got all the error messages displayed to me

        that should help