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what key changes your position in a vehicle?

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    also bind "playvehiclehorn 1" to a key to have your vehicles play funky music :up:

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    Actually it´s the weapons keys for the first 5 weapons (don´t know how many positions the levithian has, but I think it has 5).
    So if you have changed your weapon keys use SG, AR, BR, SR, LG to switch the seats.

    0=SwitchWeapon 0 Superweapons
    1=SwitchWeapon 1 Shield Gun
    2=SwitchWeapon 2 Assault Rifle
    3=SwitchWeapon 3 Bio Rifle // Spider Mines
    4=SwitchWeapon 4 Shock Rifle
    5=SwitchWeapon 5 Link Gun
    6=SwitchWeapon 6 Minigun
    7=SwitchWeapon 7 Flak // Grenade Launcher
    8=SwitchWeapon 8 Rocket Launcher // Avril
    9=SwitchWeapon 9 Lightning Gun // Sniper Rifle
    ...=SwitchWeapon 10 Translocator

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    The number keys:

    1, 2, 3, etc.

    On the top of the keyboard, not the numpad.

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  • what key changes your position in a vehicle?

    What key changes your position from driver to gunner on the Hellbender....and things like that?