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BIG Thanks Atari/Epic !!!

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    BIG Thanks Atari/Epic !!!

    Hi everybody !

    Well sometimes when I don't like things I can have "dirty mouth".

    But in other side when good things arrived I can have "angelic mouth" !

    I would like to say One Billion Thanks to Atari and/or Epic Games and/or Digital Extremes to have remove the need to have CD to play UT2004 with the patch v3236.

    One or rare time I see intelligent company.

    You have bright people in your company.

    Cause I think need CD/DVD to play games is obsolete and bad a lot.
    Since we have a key and it's a lot sufficient.

    I buy ALL my games and I'm sure to not be alone to do that and want use copy of Original. I don't like use Original CD.
    I prefer use copy and if something bad arrived to this copy I can make other and no need buy the game again.

    But the best is to no need CD at all after the installation.
    Again with Serial today it's not necessary to have more protection.

    I think majority of player buy games cause majority prefer play Online and not just Single player mission.

    So I hope in future and Forever you, Atari/Epic/Digital Extremes you will stay with this philosophy.

    And I ask to eveybody who like me are happy a lot about that say Thanks here to Atari/Epic/Digital Extremes.

    I hope other companies will do that too.

    Again THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they will probably go back to using the cd again..


      Nope, they dropped the requirement for the CD in one of the UT2003 patches too.

      It's just one of the things that's required during the initial launch of a new game, a period where software piracy would have the largest impact. At least, that's my take on it.