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Linux suse 9.0 pro as dedicated server

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    Linux suse 9.0 pro as dedicated server

    ok i download the full retail version of the dedicated server, in the readme file it says linux users type ucc-bin to run.

    I did this it dont do anything at all
    i type ucc-bin - nothing
    i type ./ucc-bin - nothing again
    any other suggestions would be great..
    and yes i got teh cdkey thing ..

    thank you in advance

    Hope this helps

    use this
    Try this

    Use the 2003 version works fine although you need to make a fake map with the old extensio

    was made for 2003 works fine for 2004 have several servers using it with no problems

    Make sure you update to new patch too


      ok what is a example of what i need to make a fake map of? like the name plus extension ?? dont remember ut2003



        Just stick a reg unr map in your 2004 folder for it should work fine im pretty sure thats what i did you can edit the startup file afterwards to put in what map you want as default i thik the fake oine is just to get the setup to through smoothly