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    Server Packages

    I don't quite understand the concept of the Server Package yet. I haven't found a comprehensive guide on what to add and how to add it. If someone could give me some details about server packages....I would be eternally grateful

    When you add something new that requires a server package to be declared you need to open the UT2004.ini file and add the lines. Look in the section [Engine.GameEngine] and scroll down. You will see several lines reading "ServerPackages=" and just add a new one at the bottom for the new mutator you added. Then after the '=' you just add the name of the mutators .u file. But leave off the '.u' part.

    This is usually required whenever you add a new mutator, gametype, etc. However, it is only necessary if you are hosting a server for other people to join.


      Afaik, since Version 3204 (previous patch) an UT2004 server can add serverpackages on its own so you don´t need to add serverpackages for mutators anymore.


        Yeah it was supposed to but I guess I just dont feel like putting my faith in their patch to the point where I dont manually make changes.

        I'll be impressed when they patch it so that not only will it add those lines, but it will remove them when you are not running the mutators anymore so people dont download stuff till they are on the right map.


          I am pretty sure it already does. I mean thats the point in giving the server the controll about the packages. Only the mutators which are loaded will get send and not all mutators which the server might use.


            I dont think it auto removes packages when not in use. I played a LAN game with my friends a couple of nights ago and we never once ran vehicle invasion, but I did add it to my serverpackages lines. The first thing they had to get from my server was the vehicle invasion file. If its supposed to only send what is currently in use then its flawed as usual.



              Yes you need to add server packages for most things and it will not automatically do it for most things.

              Rule of thumb if your running it

              whatever you want to run

              example stupidmod.u


              although this usually applies to server side not client