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Someone willing to help a brutha out...

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    Someone willing to help a brutha out...

    I'm new to these parts so what's up everyone. I hope I don't tick anyone off with this post but here goes:

    I've been playing these types of games for a while(year 2000) starting with Quake 3 Arena, and eventually moving on to the Unreal series. I found that I like the Unreal series alot more. I love these games, they are addicting, and I just love playing them over and over. Despite the number of years I've been playing these games, online and instant action, I still find myself in the caliber of someone who has just started playing a week ago. I've read tons and tons of things on dodging, dodge jumping etc. Basically all the things you need to know to not get killed and to kill others. I haven't progressed as I'd like to and I have no friends that play this game, so I would really like to find someone to play online with who is awesome at UT, in hopes that they'd want to train me I guess. I've spectated countless times and have tried to emulate what I've seen and I just can't seem to do it. If someone were to show me right in front of my face, and explain to me what's going on and how to do things effectively, I might have a shot at being decent. I'm sure alot of you guys get posts like this alot, and If you guys don't like it my apologies, I don't want to tick anyone off. Anyways, if anyone is interested in helping me out, please respond or you can email me at My name is Jay and I hope someone wants to help out. Thank you in advance, much appreciated. Cheers.

    Come by the FnG (Fun 'n' Games) forum at to find folks who will spend time doing just that.

    Also, check the FnG servers, particularly the North American server frequently, when the training map is active, folks are doing informal training and it is *very* valuable.

    Get the map from this thread:


      Awesome, thanks man. Which forum in FNG should I go to first to meet people who might be interested in helping me out? Thanks again!


        I see you found us

        Don't be too surprised if your post gets moved to the Welcoming forum, you'll get more press coverage there... but welcome!

        We had an awesome training session tonight, it seems to be an almost nightly thing lately and I learned a grunch of stuff. Hope to see you there soon... if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask, the group is very friendly.


          Well done Knifewing,
          shows that no one has to stuggle in silence, my advice if you realy are a newbie find one of these groups and learn with them.

          You will see there link and more in my signature.


            hey, if u still want some help...this guy might be willing:up:

            check out this thread

            also, my game name (for now) is [SCB]DrinkBeer. I'm not the best but I might be able to help.


              Thanks guys for the awesome leads. I didn't think anyone would bother with my cry for help, but I was wrong. Thanks again, and if you have any more suggestions, keep them coming. I'm currently playing UT2K4, my name on it is ReAnimator. Cheers!


                My problem is not so much that I don't know what to do... it's my lack of ability to do it. Seems my finger/hand/eye coordination isn't what some peoples are.

                I do the jump and dodge but can't seem to keep aim at my foe whilst doing so. In one on one combat I lose prolly 7 times out of 10. The Avril is my friend though and I am decent with most of the vehicles and getting better as time goes by. However there seems to be some physical trait I am lacking to ever be "great."

                I bought a Nostromo N52 figuring that would help. Well, it did but only minimally.

                Could it be that I am 43, was not raised on video games and that it's just too late? Maybe that's just my lame excuse. :bulb:

                Anywho, thanks for the post as I am going to give a couple of these options a shot and see what happens.


                  I think you and I have some what of the same problem. I know what to do also, and I try to move like good players but it just doesn't seem to be as effective for me as it is for them. The thing is no matter what I won't give up in a game, I'll stick it out til the end regardless of how many times I get killed. I think that's the only positive thing I have going for me thus far.


                    Originally posted by TerrorCircuit
                    I'll stick it out til the end regardless of how many times I get killed.
                    You and I also share this trait... I am a VERY tenacious *******. If someone kills me in a manner I find cheezy (spawn killing, etc) or if I feel I could have done better in the fight, I'll hunt the guy down that killed me as many times as I have to until I kill him. ;p

                    My game scores aren't horrible. If I am playing with similarly skilled people I am usually in the top 3 and I do manage to kill the really good players from time to time. I'd just like to be better at 1-on-1. :cry:

                    The main thing is... even if I get killed 100 times, I still have fun doing it!


                      By the way... really cool nick ya got "TerrorCircuit!"


                        my two cents

                        I used to play ut1 allllll the time. Me and guys from my clan would hang out and 1v1 eachother constantly. Anyways the advice I usualy give(or gotten from others) is, try to out think your enimy. Sometimes out thinking the other guy can make up for bad aiming/dodging skills. Hog powerups, and find a fighting style that fits you. Some guys are better at rushing the enimy. Me? I'm more of a defensive player. If I get into a fight, I back away into another room and let the other guy run into my shots as he chases. Or I will dodge behind someone. Also if I know where somebody is headed, I'll take a different route and shoot where ever they should be comming out at. Another thing I like which was easyer in UT1 is playing the z axis. Shooting at people from above or below. If somebody goes up a lift and I can see where they will come out, I'll do a shock blast where they should come out. Or if I'm a level up and people are fighting below, a couple of shock blasts from the top or rockets makes for some easy kills. Don't get me wrong, I never camp like some lame people I see on uper levels with the lg(this is in DM). I'm always moving. On the other hand never chase cause it could be a trap, most people die by chasing(at least thats how it was in UT1). Try not to be predictable, while trying to predict what your enimy is going to do. Harder players are usualy hard to predict.

                        Anyways I think I should take my own advice. I haven't played 1v1's in a long time until yesterday. And then I was getting ripped pretty bad. I guess the most importent thing is patience(which I didnt have yesterday), and sound(I also didnt have sound). Turn the music off so you can hear the other person walking and picking up powerups and shooting if other people are in the game.

                        Well thats my two cents, I hope it helps.



                          The only time you are really failling , is when you quit trying .
                          Death match is a good skill trainer though.
                          Leave me an IM sometime and we can game some