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New 2K4 CTF Server...

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    New 2K4 CTF Server...

    But, with the same ideal of no disrespect allowed and fun for players of all skill level! :up:

    .:vVv:.Clan CTF / Players choice

    This server is set for IG/LG/CTF, IG/RG/CTF and RW/RG/CTF..

    Each type is voteable however the default game set is IG/LG/CTF

    UTcomp is enabled, however bright skins are turned off.

    Both Low grav. IG/CTF game types have the translocator enabled w/no trails and gamespeed set at 1.55 .

    The RW/RG has the trans enabled as well but w/trails and gamespeed set at 1.15.

    IP: (chicago location)

    If some of you stumbled across our happy home without visiting the servers first, thanks!

    If your not sure how to get to the server quickly...try this:

    Start the game, choose the “Join Game” option, wait until the folders all load, choose FAVORITES tab, in the middle of the section for favorites, RIGHT CLICK on an empty space and scroll to "ADD IP", type the IP of the server, press enter and your there!