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    List your clan here

    Hey everyone!

    Looking through these forums I've noticed clans often use them to promote themselves. So I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread especially for that. A one stop shop for all your clanning needs. I'll start by saying something about my own clan.

    TNT is a relatively young clan. We started as a No One Lives Forever 2 clan and are now expanding to other games - Call of Duty, Battlefield Vietnam, No One Lives Forever 1 and of course UT 2004. We're not a clan that's all about pwnage, but we don't like to be walked over either. You can visit us at . And, yes, we are recruiting. :noob: So come visit us!

    (oh, and we like smileys )

    Okidokie, good idea. :-P

    Clan Fudge!

    Status: Recruiting for UT2K4.

    Origin: Former TFC clan, gone UT2K4 for a few of the members.

    Location: USA

    IRC: #FudgeUT2K4 on GameSurge

    Intended Ladders: ONS, TDM, anything else people want.

    Goofy Stuff: Pub under any name you want. In matches, we play under chocolate-related pseudonyms. For example, Kestrel = [FDG]Sickle (Fudgesicle) and I am [FDG]Sundae.

    We are looking for FRIENDLY players above all. You don't need to have skill to get in with us if you're a great guy/girl. However, you need to be willing to work to improve yourself, and you must have some sense. NO TRASH-TALK TO YOUR OPPONENTS.

    As far as server costs go, I've found that companies are very unwilling to sponsor us b/c we're a "goofy" clan, so we pay for our own servers. (This goes back 3-4 years now, we have NEVER been able to get a sponsor.) As such, any donations from members we can get are very much appreciated, and will result in you being given a subdomain off our main website for your own, in addition to the server. No mandatory costs though.

    Anyone else who wants to hang out, stop by our forums from the website! We're trying to get a community going there.




      Just got let go.


        No site address?


          Clan fudge

          Your clan sounds way cool and all UT2004 players should be like you!

          If I had a litlle more time to play I would gladly join! Anyway, I'm still on the demo (will buy full version next week) and already love ONS-Torlan like hell, but it's kind of hard mixing work, family, play ... So for now I have only like 1-2 hours a day of play.

          I'll probably pay a visit to your site

          Good luck with your clan!


            Well thankie! Stop by any time. :-P

            Heck, even if you don't feel like joining, feel free to come ***** the forums. We're here for fun


              Stop by our site, read our rules and decide for yourself if you would like to join. We currently have 5 servers, 32 player teamspeak, ftp access, and 50MB email for clan members. FTP has maps, mods, bonus packs, etc on it.

              We are US based, and take anyone of any level of play. You only get better by playing those better than you.

              We'd love to hear from you!


                Re: Clan presentations

                Originally posted by [TNT] Sonic Goo
                Hey everyone!

                Looking through these forums I've noticed clans often use them to promote themselves. So I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread especially for that. A one stop shop for all your clanning needs. I'll start by saying something about my own clan.
                Dudee change your subject add some thing that attract people like[LIST YOUR CLAN HERE] i belive it would attact more people


                  Done. Thanks for the tip! :noob:


                    Vlad Clan Tsepesh
                    add VLD|* to your buddy list

                    thats are main sight
                    we have news ,forums, links galor
                    we have been playing since ut1


                    we are on irc progameplayer channel # vld
                    we are very mature and dont give a fek abought skilz
                    active on proving grounds ladders and TWL ladders

                    come reg at forums , drop a line in irc and have some fun

                    are youngest member is 15 and oldest i think is 36 :up:


                      My clan is Team Jetlag. I've only formed us a few weeks ago and already I'm pleased with the results. The first game we started to play was Call of Duty but we are now expanding into playing more games, such as Unreal Tournament 2004. Other games are Counter-Strike and Vampire Slayer but we truly love UT2004 the most and I continue to whop them all from my Leviathan.


                        UT2004 Clan .:vVv:.!

                        In a time when clans seem to come and go, we’ve “beaten the odds” to not only grow, but prosper as a clan and community!

                        Our History:

                        .:vVv:. Was originally conceived in November of 2002. The founding idea was to provide a fun place for people of all skill levels to enjoy the game. A place where disrespect of others would not be tolerated, and where you could “just play.”

                        The original group disbanded in January of 2003, and the clan seemed doomed to go the way of so many other clans in the online gaming world.

                        BUT…two members remained to keep our founding idea alive. With no server and only the most basic of forums, these two members stayed true to our "Mission Statement" to provide a fun and respectful place for all to play.

                        Those two members are Fluffy and Zonâ.

                        Together with Tranquility (now known as Nikki), these three founding members gave life to the clan again, and like the phoenix from the ashes, .:vVv:. was re-born!

                        Our “coming out” announcement to the online community was posted in the Epic forums here:


                        Those familiar with the clan will see it’s quite a change from that post and what a difference a single year & 1/2 has made!

                        Consider these changes:

                        CLAN MEMBERS

                        Feb. 2003 3 Clan Members

                        June. 2004 40 Clan Members!

                        FORUM MEMBERS

                        Feb. 2003 7 Forum Members

                        June. 2004 456 Forum Members!


                        Feb. 2003 1 Server

                        June. 2004 7 Servers!

                        These are but a few of the changes we’ve had over the past year.

                        .: vVv :. Mission Statement

                        This is a GAME; we play it for FUN!

                        We have come together in the hopes of improving and enhancing that online experience, as a brotherhood and a team.

                        We will strive to be gracious and helpful hosts to our visitors and to be courteous in victory or defeat.

                        We will do our best to give a good name to the .:vVv:. Clan, In being good competitors and great people to play with.

                        We will provide a great gaming environment for clan members and the public to enjoy; on whatever skill level they may bring to our server.

                        Players of all skill levels are welcome here.

                        We take our game seriously, while having fun, and welcome the public to our server.

                        BUT…as we will act as gracious hosts to the public, we expect the public to act as gracious guests.

                        We will tolerate NO abuse or disrespect of ANYONE on our server.

                        Doing so would take the FUN out of the game, and we’re all about the fun!

                        In all it’s been a most excellent year & 1/2 and with more great times ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

                        A BIG “THANK YOU” to our clan members, forum members and server regulars…we couldn’t have done it without you!

                        Web page:

                        Friendly Forum:

                        :noob: :noob: :noob:


                          Clan ResisTance

                          Uhm.. Yeah..
                          We're having some problems with the UT2k4 squad.
                          My first clan was eXeCution, till we merged with RsT and became a squad.
                          Since than absolutely NOTHING happened, UT2k4 was just dead. When I tried to contact our clanleader on msn he dind't responded till a friend (he's also in the squad) of him did (he was in his house, talking on his msn).
                          I talked with him (this week) and we have to discuss some things.
                          The other clanmembers were sick of it too and some left.
                          I now for sure the problems will be solved.

                 (yes, it's german :down: )

                          UT2k4 is not the only game RsT plays.



                            Unholy Alliance Clan looking for European members


                            We at the UA Clan have expanded and are looking for fellow European Ut 2004 gamers. You got to be dedicated and be at least 18 years old. If you're into some fun, please go check our site ( ) for further details.All skill levels welcome(practice makes perfect).We also have Elite teams to join up to if you wish like Ons,Dm,Assault etc.

                            Looking forward to seeing some of you people around.



                              This is a post worthy of being Bumped One Post where all clan offers can be found.