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    I thought this thread needed a revival, so here goes.......

    .................[NR]n00bies revenge................

    We are recruiting players of all levels of skill - so don't let the clan title put you off (YOU CAN'T STAY A n00b FOREVER!).

    We're a mainly European clan, with our main base in Germany, we're made up of English / German / and other European members.

    We've a good atmosphere to the clan - well laid back - and up for the fun of the game! (We may turn into 'hardened UT war heroes' you never know!).

    Web site address :

    We play most UT2k4 game types, but are interested more so nowadays in IG (+ variations), AS, NW DM, ONS. We do mix up our on-line time with fun games in CS:S and some mods @ times.

    We have our own TeamSpeak channel & IRC channel : #n00biesrevenge (Quakenet)

    If you're interested why not have a play on one of our servers :

    ## -+- [UTAN|NR|ISH.DE]H0US3 OF P4iN -+- ## (UT2004)

    ## -+- [UTAN|NR]MASSACRE CUPPA -+- ## (UT2004)

    ## [NR]CRYPTiC IGx 1on1 DU3LS3RV3R ## (UT2004)

    #-+-[NR]CRYPTiC LiF3 -+-# (HL2 DeathMatch)

    #-+-[NR]C0UNT3RF3iT ATT4CKs -+-# (CS:S)

    Hope to see you there!!


      {JCC} Jurassic Carnage Clan {JCC}

      Hey childs...

      Do you like violence...? Yes!
      Do you like carnage...? YAY!
      Do you like Raptors...? Ummm...

      Well you can have all three if you join JURASSIC CARNAGE CLAN!!!

      (ya true i ripped off weebl and bob for that, but watever!)



        Our clan is Gods of Gaming, the tag is {GOG}. We originated as an AVP2 clan, and have been expanding to other gametypes. We are currently recruiting, and our website is Stop by and take a look at our site, and register on our forums. Beware, the music on the main page is loud.

        Servers: Server Server Server


          (I just got recruited for this Clan yesterday )

          Clan~Dark Exile (DÉx)


          Joining: Post a thread in the "joining" section,
          With these parts.
          Ut Name~
          Location~ (we are mostly an Australian Clan, so if you live in Aus, and you willing to join, try out.)
          A little about your UT experiance, if any. And of course, you want to join. (just look at my post in the "joining" section for an idea )

          Ut Name~ KaNdeekiD
          Age~ 15
          Location~ Australia, Vic
          Retired 2 years ago, and only recently started playing yesterday. (From when i posted this)
          I would like to join this Clan. (i've only been a member once for a clan, and that was quake2).

          Best Regards,

          We see how you go as a team mainly in onslaught, and a 1vs1 duel with one of our members. If we think you have what a team needs also individually for the clan, you're in .



            Name:The Department of Homeland Stupidity

            Website: (only a forum now but I am working on that)

            Status:Recriuting! We pretty much just let anyone be in the clan as long as they are pretty cool, and a decent player.


              Name: Instant Death Squad, -[IDS]-
              Visit us at
              We play LGI CTF, wanna challenge us? Post it in the forums!


                IUK: Insane Unstoppable Killas. we don't got a site, i''m just a member. we're often an assault clan and stuff. we have a couple trials maps out by blade and some other guy (xD forgot his name) as well as me, under construction. i'm also working on a website for us.