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    Holographik Assassins - UT2K4 Assault, North America.

    We hold #1 on Proving Grounds and Team Warfare League.


      .................[NR]n00bies revenge................

      We're a smallish clan (at the mo) made up of English / German / American members with 3 servers (3 in Germany). There's a very good atmosphere to the clan - well laid back - and up for the fun of the game! (We may turn into 'hardened UT war heroes' you never know!) We're in the process of completing our [NR] web-site after good success with our forum.

      Our new site is :

      We are recruiting players of all levels of skill - so don't let the clan title put you off (YOU CAN'T STAY A n00b FOREVER!).

      If you're interested why not have a play on one of our servers :

      UT2004 :
      UT2004 :
      FRAG OPS MOD :

      Hope to see you there!


        «lr» LastRights Clan.

        Were very knew to the clan scene.

        Recruiting for TDM.


        Irc: #lastrights

        1v1 Server –

        10 Man TDM Server –


          Clan X-Ception

          UT2k4 DM/CTF server

          ÚT'99 DM/CTF server

          Dunno what to tell u more, See for your self:up:


            LDS clan

            Clan LDS
            ( Legacy of the darkened sun )

            Nationality : Currently UK only
            Game type's : TDM mainly , all others also
            Members so far : 10 and 5 new pending recruits
            Website : ( soon to be re decorated )
            Forums :
            Server(s) :
            - ut2004:// TDM, we usually play 8:30 pm english time
            - 1V1 coming soon

            Daily training and fun game sessions. Good community and forums. Members expected to interact in community regulaly.

            All members must attend training at least once a week.

            Teamspeak server :
            Teamspeak channel : =L.D.S=

            Currently recruiting for UK members. All aplicants will be given a trial before they are decided wether or not they are allwoed in the clan.

            We have a few members with other good skills :
            - c++ Programmer
            - Web designer and programmer
            - Computer 'expert' and performance knowitall

            We are in two major leagues ( tcln and some other ) and soon to be in others. Registered on clan dev community. Listed in clan yellow pages.

            We often chat on teamspeak, and can be found on msn all the time. Recruit signup on-site. Soon to be on xfire.


              Eh Clan 2k4 ONS/TDM

              I just joined this clan about a week ago, and they seem pretty mature. Come check us out, challenge us, whatever.



                I run with myself and myself alone



                  {ITM} Idioctic Toxic Maniacs

                  If you are interested please visit:




                    Heres my buddies and my second home
                    [N]amed Clan Check us out, Need i say more...


                      Lisitng Klans

                      All clans are very different.

                      I run on my own for the last few years, although I was in a guild on Ultima Online.

                      Check my website out though at

                      Any clan wish to hire me get in contact!!!!


                        tnt||Skream: it's a very common name, isn't it?

                        TheRealPlayer: you forgot to add an address - how will people find you?

                        All clans are very different.
                        Yes and no. I think the next stage for clans is to differentiate, to form an image. Some clans are automatically different. Like clans that are centered around a language (French, for example) or a certain location (India, for example). You could also use other things, I know a clan where you have to love Quenting Tarantine movies to get in. You could think of all kinds of things.

                        So, people, if you want your clan to stand out and be more attractive than other clans: get yourself an image!


                          Hello Ya’ll

                          Lemme introduce Clan MacAddict.

                          We are loosely associated with the magazine of the same name. By the term loosely I mean that we get some web space from them and that is about it. Maybe even the occasional mention in the rag it’s self. We primarily cater to the Mac and the people who play on them, but we are not a dedicated Mac only gaming clan. The clan as a whole is quite large and then is broken into divisions to keep it manageable. Each division is based on a popular game. Currently we have divisions for UT, UT2Kn, Halo, Jedi Knight, Ghost Recon, WarCraft 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, and Medal of Honor. For the most part each division has it’s own server. Our standard clan tag is [MA] and we welcome any who don’t violate our one long-standing rule. DBaJ (Don’t Be a Jerk). We are always recruiting and membership is easy. Visit: and inquire within.

                          Forums: Look towards the bottom.
                          IRC: #clanma

                          Thanks & Peace!


                            Steel Viper Legion

                            Check out our homepage:

                            Admin e-mail:
                            E-mail us for any joining requests or just to ask a question. Once we feel we're ready, you can also e-mail clan match requests too.


                              Clan Starfox

                              I am *SFx*foxmccloud in game and you may have seen me on a CTF server playing face 3 or classic. Clan Starfox is for people who like to play laid back, whether it be the kind of laid back where you like to sniper, or the kind of laid back where you rush in and blow everything up, either while playing CTF, Instagib CTF, or ONS. It is prefered that members take a starfox related name. Sorry but foxmccloud and falco are taken. Any other starfox name is welcome. Just not some of the bosses as those arent really reconizable. WHo the heck remembers the name of that monkey the giant robot that was the first boss? I didnt think anyone did, moving on. There is some info in my sig about it, tho not much. Thank you for reading this, now get back to your lifes, or back to ut, either one.

                              BTW, this thread should be stickied:up:


                                Bounty Killer

                                Yes I don't know any of the boses names either. My recolection of Starfox was when I was in Boarding school at the age of nine. I had a copy of the Sun newspaper in the weekend, took it back to the school to put a picture of a snes on the wall above my bed, entered the compeition to win one, (this is when the snes was coming out in 1991). I read that **** piece of paper every night for about four months. Dreamt of playing my favourite game which I decided by that time would be Starfox. Only time I played a snes starfox game was on a PC emulator ten years later. I never ever had a snes. A sad story I know! I'll be alright lads, no pshclogical scarring done.