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Video--Shadows Too Dark!?!?!?

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    Video--Shadows Too Dark!?!?!?

    I just got UT2K4 and installed it, and the maps all look....... wrong.
    Anything in a shadow is totally, 100% BLACK. None of the video settings seem to have any effect; the in-game brightness slider only affects the visible portions of the view, not the parts in the shadows; the shadows are always black. The gamma adjustment makes NO difference at all, in fact.
    ---Now it is true that the current computer is rather old, something like 5 years, Win98 on a 1.2 Ghz T-bird, 256meg DDR ram with what -might- be a 32-meg ATI videocard, but the videocard does DirectX. I think the mobo's FSB is 233 Mhz. And the problem here is not that the view is to choppy or anything else, just that the dark areas in all the maps are too dark. I keep getting killed while trying to walk into walls, because I can't tell if a dark area is a doorway or a wall, because I cannot see anything in the dark shadow areas.
    The whole game installed without a problem and runs correctly, there's no error messages or other problems. It's not a problem with the monitor or videocard; this computer works fine for everything else and for instance I see a dramatic difference with UT-GOTY if I change the in-game brightness and gamma settings. As of yet I have not downloaded any of the patches, expansion deals or mods--this is just the first day of playing it. I notice that even though my videocard does OpenGL, UT2K4 doesn't list it as an option, it only shows DirectX and software--does teh game support OpenGL?

    Is there something here I have not done, or is this just the way the makers decided things should look from now on? And if "it just looks that way", where can I find a mod to turn on the d4m lights?
    I realize people gotta get paid and all, but has anyone here cracked the "insert-Play-CD" business? You don't need to say how to do it, I am just wondering if anyone has. This is a major annoyance, and I'd rather not put up with it....

    If you have monitor like mine turn your gamer right up but if mapping realize you maps will look good to you… but no 1 else will see it only blackness
    also have you tweeked your card settings
    Also what card do you have maybe it has issues with ed and just need a little adjustment
    to handle the coolness of the uted3 ..the engine driving the game

    also go to customer support and see/your cards

    also look here sure to find some thing nice :up:


      Well nuts

      I am teh ******.
      I found out what the dark-shadows problem was, I have Adobe graphics software on the same PC and the Adobe gamma correction program "takes over" the gamma control of the PC. So when I tried adjusting turning up the gamma in that, IT'S AMAZING now I can see everything!! Woo Hoo!!! -Okay, now it all looks right.
      Also I am told that after the regular patch, the CD is not required to be used for play.... I have not applied it just yet.


        cool not a ****** just did not know the full consequences of the 2 applications reaction to each other