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Installing .umods?

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    Installing .umods?

    Ok, I have the umod file for Jailbreak III sat here, but how do I use it? Is there some sort of program I need to be able to install its contents or what? There's no help with it at all and the searches on the forums throw up thousands of results that tell you nothing about how to actually use one

    Unless there is something unique about your .umod, all you have to do is doeble-click on it ans it will self install to your UT diectory. :noob:

    Then you should be able to see the mutator in t "mutator" fileds of the instant action game to play it.


      I guess there must be, windows doesn't recognise it at all.

      Oh well


        worse comes to worse, you can manually extract .umod files with the umod extractor found here:

        of course you'll have to place them in thier correct folder...

        Or if your able to , follow the instructions found here:


          i had that same problem with UT2K4 mate,this is what i did to fix it,obviously this fix is for UT2k4 so instead of making it a UT4mod,make it a plain umod or whatever its called for ut.

          go into my computer
          click tools then go to folder option

          Go to file types
          Make a new one with extension ut4mod
          Find it, go to advanced

          Make a new action called open
          command line is for the application used to perform action is :

          C:\UT2004\System\Setup.exe install "%1"
          where C:\ut2004 is where you installed it


            Excellent, thanks for your help!


              You need to have installed the official 3204 patch for umods to automatically install when u click on them - i wouldnt do it any other way it might cause u problems. :noob: