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Die Too Much (Strategies)

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    Die Too Much (Strategies)

    This goes for any game ive ever played basically. I die too much.

    My frag count is always really high (I'm usually 1 or 2 on the server)

    But I struggle to maintain a 1 frag : 1 death ratio. Sometimes its even as bad as 1:2.

    I'm looking for strategies that can allow me to continue fragging as I do, but die less.


    Dont be afraid to try distance attacks, using the hit scan weaponry such as: Shock rifle, lightning/sniper, and minigun secondary for long distances, medium distances the minigun primary, shock combos and link secondary help a lot.

    I try to stay off the main level of a big melee fight (up top if everyone is spamming down below, or vice versa), and just send some rockets or what not to get some kills (shock combos mostly).

    Watch your health and armor situation. If you get below 50 health you are in danger of getting fragged by most of the popular weapons. If you get below 70 health the lightning can hose you so just watch the health situation and pick up any vials you find and health packs when you have to. Even if it means leaving a fight, its better to NOT die than to get a kill.

    If someone is trying to shock ***** you or using the link gun bring that shield of yours up and run backwards. You could get lucky and deflect the beams back at them and at the least you will not take the damage you would have normally.

    Pick your fights and dont necessarily jump in the frey where you have a chance to get spammed on.

    There are plenty of other techniques to stay alive, however it basically boils down to common sense and keeping your wits about you when choosing a fight.


      Also, learn how to dodge, jump-dodge and wall-dodge. You need to have moves.


        There's no "one" seceret... You just need to improve on all your skill areas..

        Improve your offensive/defensive skills... So you frag people faster, and take less hits..... especailly knowing which weapon to immediatly switch to for each situation, and being good with each weapon and situation..

        Then you can continue boucning and dodge jumping around the levels, which of course you know the optimum paths and where everything is..

        Basically your trying to control the level by picking up all the health armor and ammo... and while you whizzing around the levels, your blasting people near, far, and mid without really slowing yourself down too much.... Worse comes to worse, if someone can go toe to toe with you in Offensive, Defensive, and mobility, then you could probably out health and armor them instead..