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    What about this?

    Could the following become an UT2004 Veacle? I made it in G-Max. It's called a *SBV (Suicide Bomber Viacle)* Renmaed *The Pillager* Renamed again to 'God Wind'

    Here is the plan:

    It's primary fire is to blow iteslef up, Secondary is a Link beam from the turret on top.

    It's fast, but has verry little health (about 150) - It must be taken out from long range as when blown up it will kill everyone within the surrounding area - as if it had used it's primary fire. I recon it's blast radius should be slightly larger than the Redeemer.

    I don't know what you think, But I would like, even if my moddle cannot be used - or noone want's to use it, that the idea is to be used.

    Here is the moddle:
    *** HERE ***

    Here is a pic of the moddle:


    First off... Learn how to spell model.

    Other than that I dont really have anything else to say.

    More vehicles are always good though.


      Well, Yes - I'm a bad speller - Too true.

      Well, I like the idea of a bomb on wheels - I think it's pretty cool.


        thats pretty cool, technically it should be in the User mod forum but who cares, i think you should make it so that when its destroyed, it isn't as powerful as if it detonates itself, other than that i'd say its a pretty cool vehicle, i've always wanted a suicide car, o and you should get a better name, suicide bomber vehicle is so boring, maybe like the Kamikazee, or something like that


          Well... I need someone to help me make it - or to make it themselves - as I have no idea on how to myslef.



            I've desided to now call this the Pillager. If you think that's rubbish - then let me know


              It would be nice to choose your type of explosion like when you can choose: normal redeemer, Bio, radiation and somthing else.



                Call it the "God Wind". Kamakazee translated as such in English. Smooth the lines a bit. Give it some class. Excellent idea. See if you can't skin it in chrome.


                  did you plan to make it so hummm ... ugly ?
                  idea is cool, the model need work
                  Good luck !


                    The G-Max model apparently can't be made into a UT2004 object (Is that the right word?) So I'm not going to spend time on that... But if someone else could make it I would be happy - As I would love the idea, if nothing else, of mine to be in the game.

                    I love the idea of choices of explosions - but I don't know wether that is possible.

                    I made it ugly and rough on purpouse - Why would anyone bother to make somthing that will blow itself up beautiful?

                    I like 'God Wind' - That's it now!


                      Um... well that model is.... you know..... ahhh, nevermind. But also the idea isn't perfect - this vechicle would totally unballnace the play. Imagine what would be the game like if you can blow any node in few seconds. It would be like manta-speed leviathan.


                        no, i'd be more like a leviathan strong manta, really fast but easily destroyed, i'm guessing one avril would do the job right? it'd be alot like the reedemer, but on wheels, and maybe a little faster


                          humm resiz your screenshot by using [SCREENSHOT] and [/SCREENSHOT] tags 2 well its not the coolest looking vec but at least it looks like one and bahh its nice havin more and more vechs in game so what ever :P


                            God wind

                            pretty sure its divine wind (if ur translating kamikaze) it refers to the storm that turned back mongolian invaders headed for japan in uhh...*is about to bs a year*...around 1300.

                            w00t, whyd i learn that in US history?


                              It wouldn't unbalance play, for quite a few reasons
                              [list=1][*]It's easily desroyed.[*]It's a one hit viacle.[*]It will kill you when you blow it. (Also no restrictions on damaging teamates)[*]It's big - Therefore more visible than somthing like a Redeemer.[/list=1]

                              I know the model isn't good - but as it can't be used in the game it's just a base for someone else to make in another program. They can change it as much as they want.

                              Please note that I AM NOT making this. I don't have any idea on how to put this into the game or code it... I code alot but I do not know unrealscript.

                              Will someone make it? That is the question.