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    Hey all,

    We are looking for some new members. We are a new clan «TK» Trained Killers. We currently play 2 areas of UT2004:

    CTF LG IG 135/35 and are looking at IGL ladders

    We are developing an ONS weapons team as well for ladder play.

    Currently we are looking for members for both teams. The clan is based upon first and foremost having fun, but we are also attempting to compete in ladders. We are not the type of clan that it matters so much if we win or lose, as long as the clan is having fun gaming. We will also try to keep the clan to a manageable size in order that all who wants to play in scrims and ladders are able to do so.

    Our website is:

    Please register on the forum and post your interest and contact info, so we know to look for you on the server. Things we look for is personality, skill and how well youll fit in with current members.

    Our server is located at: