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Why is SP impossible?

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    it's true, the bots in SP graduately get harder when you advance on the ladders.

    AS_Mothership is a b*tch, but like someone here said, play it in instant action to get to know the map, play it on a few levels higher then you're used to, and see if their level compares to the ones in the SP version be creative in getting enough experience to beat them.

    I thought it was impossible, until I realized I could just have the bots attack the outside, with me shooting at the opponent ships and turrets. inside, look at where the bots shoot to find the objectives (or use N or M (default) to see where you are to go)

    and, if you manage to get a better time and you are defending, get all bots on defence to try and stall them for the final objective.
    I found it easier defending that, because the room is fairly large, and when you respawn, you tend to encounter some respawned opponents frag 'em there to keep your team out of trouble.

    I finally got through the level using this tactique (if it can be called one at all!).

    just too bad I haven't found time to complete the rest...
    I hate school...