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Why is SP impossible?

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    Why is SP impossible?


    I've played UT before and so have some experience, but am not that good - having said that I started a single player game, got through it part of the way (on experienced) and then could never get past one of the levels. Since there is no way to change difficulties once you've started I went back to the beginning and started again, this time on the next lower difficulty level (Average) and now I'm stuck again.
    My question is, what is this initial difficulty useful for - it's set to Average, but after quite some time, I finally made it to AS MotherShip and am facing one God-like team after another and not coming close to their times (that is if I even manage to finish all the objectives). I've played an Instant Action game on Average and it's generally too easy for me, but not in SP!!! After getting my *** kicked several times in a row by 3 God-like teams, the cycle starts again and I get to try the first one that beat me again.
    What is the point in this? I'm frustrated, angry and ready to dump this POS for making it impossible for inexperienced players.
    Any suggestions on how to beat MotherShip or at least make it fair?? I've hired the best teammates I could find, but still no luck...

    Why do you face God-like teams when you're at Average level??? What do you get when you set the skill level higher?? 10 health and 10 seconds to complete the match??

    Yes AS mothship is a pain you might want to try it in instant action and get to know the map first then beat it one SP.

    You face godlike teams that is there rank I think.
    The higher the skill level the harder the bots are noth else changes.

    I like SP because it's harder that instant action and you get money and that is how you unlock Xan, Clanlord and Malcome.


      I've just started going through the tournament myself and have just recently unlocked CTF. What I've noticed from playing so far is that the bots have been tweaked BIG TIME! It seemed like whenever I played one-on-one, if there was a shield to be had, the bot had it, and if there was a double damage around, the bot had that too! And I'm playing on experienced. Accuracy, Agility, etc. actually mean something now. When a bot can shoot you out of the air on experienced, you have your hands full. Don't give up, just keep at it. Try to keep your health always around 100, and grab whatever powerups you can find. That should help. Good luck!


        I've always been a fan of the UT bots. They've always played better than for example the ones in Quake, but in the original UT and in Instant in UT2004 they adjust depending on the level you're playing. It gives new and casual players a chance to have fun and practice in order to get better. Unfortunately, in SP the difficulty is set way too high. The bots are pulling off amazing shock combos - they alt fire, then dodge behind a wall, then dodge back out just in time to hit their first shot with primary fire - instant death. This is on Average??? Did the UT World just reinvent itself? Is everyone so far above average that this level of difficulty is necessary? I mean I can crank it up a few levels if it's too easy or boring, but I can only go down to novice from here and somehow I suspect that I'll still be playing God-like teams. How about making it a little easier for new players Epic/Atari??


          Yes indeed... This game gets progressivley harder.Too hard IMO. It made me very frustrated on the Mothership level too. If you can manage it get Lauren on your team. She is a big help. Unfortunately I don't really have any tips on this level. I just kept trying and eventually toughed it out (i.e. got lucky )

          Wait till you get to the end and fight Malcolm 1on1. You think your frustrated now??? Just wait brudda. That MF had me so p!ss3d off. I will tell you a tip for that level. It's cheesy as hell I know but I just could not beat it any other way. Get at leasst two kills in real early in Malcolm. Then when you die to his aimbot sk!llz just lay there until the clock runs down to 5 seconds. Hit your fire button to respawn and win the match 2to1. Yaayyyy!! I'm so embarrased.........



            Well done for using brains.
            A win is a win
            If you are new to UT then i would suggest instant action followed by online games, get to watch other people and how they move about.
            I played SP games and still found some of them hard but by applying online tactics and skills you can beat them.

            CTF use the translocator to get around dont waste time running everywhere, if you have to run then use dodge jumps combined with your run.
            Leave your Xloc (translocator) in the enemy base grab flag run left when those bots are on your tail translocate back wait for them to return the flag now run right and all the way home. Remember you just left all the enemy bots on the other side of the map.
            These are just some of the things you can learn online.

            Use bot orders, to tell your team where you want them.


              to answer to orignal question it is not impossible its just hard :P so there is no direct answer lol :P but hey i suck at this game i get owned like hell online and i beat AS mothership SO dont give up


                I was extremley lucky with AS-mothership there was 2 secs left of the second match when a team mate placed the final shot. But, i was unavare of the fact that u could do bloodrites and get teamsters from god-like teams som i got a great team when i was facing malcom in hyperblast :bulb:


                  Things I've noticed ...

                  Get the best team mates. They will make the job much easier. If you're having extreme trouble with the BloodRites challenges, then cheat if you have to, but get the best bots at all costs.

                  Your team will do better when you're doing better. If your kill ratio goes up, the bots will not only get better kills, they will get the objectives done faster (whether that is goals, or flags, or AS objectives, whatever). I think this is the result of a balancing algorithm in the game. The effect is notable.

                  Try to wade in and get the objective done yourself. The bots are much better at following than leading. Jump into the fray and keep the kill ratio up, and keep focused on the goal.

                  I've been able to play through the end at Skilled and Adept levels this way, but when I first started playing single player, I couldn't even get to the end at the Novice level. Have fun!

                  I'm still struggling with those @#$%^&* Godlike beasts. I can barely hold my own in Deathmatch so far. The rest of the ladder is going to have to wait until my skills improve.


                    Thanks all for your suggestions,

                    I played initially in Instant Action to get a feel for the level - first with no bots, then vs one bot and finally using map defaults. At this point I sometimes spectate after dying to look and see how the bots complete the objectives and it's definitely helped me get further.
                    I've gotten some better teammates and things are going a little better - now I'm only 3 min slower than the opposing team . I'll look for Lauren as suggested, but I'm suspicious about team balancing. I played a match against one team where one of their players was so much better than everyone else (on either team), so I went to bloodrites, stole her and she sucks when playing for me (left on auto assign).
                    I'll keep trying, but am tring to keep my blood pressure at a normal level.


                      Originally posted by X202X
                      I like SP because it's harder that instant action and you get money and that is how you unlock Xan, Clanlord and Malcome.
                      Actually, no, you can't. See here:


                        Originally posted by KevinDaniels
                        I played a match against one team where one of their players was so much better than everyone else (on either team), so I went to bloodrites, stole her and she sucks when playing for me (left on auto assign).
                        I might be wrong, but it seems the more expensive a player is, the better he is. If you select Bloodrites and get to the character selection screen, watch the prize you have to pay in case you loose the match. The higher it is, the more expensive the team member is and the better it will (might) be during fights.

                        As for AS-MotherShip, it´s quite hard indeed. Took me several trials as well, but sometimes you´re having a lucky day and the bots will suck badly (I once managed to prevent them from accomplishing the objectives outside the ship for almost ten minutes when playing the defender). Some tips:

                        -> Learn flying the Space Fighters. At the beginning it´s quite confusing and often you´ll see your ship explode without even noticing you were under fire or where it´s coming from. Especially you should practice navigating in the narrow corridors of the ship... as for me, I´ve literally bumped into any wall inside there before I started to concentrate on a reasonable speed and navigation. The better you´re there, the faster you can destroy the power generators later.

                        -> As the attacker, do not waste time in chasing after enemy Space Fighters. Concentrate on the turrets guarding the entrances to the power generators inside the ship and get into the corridors as fast as possible.
                        As Defender, I´ve found it pretty useless to directly guard the objectives, you´re just being a good target. Instead, try to keep the enemy ships busy and involve them into battles wherever you can. Every ship you keep busy is one less being able to reach an objective.

                        -> Once inside the ship, the real slaughterfest starts. As attacker, I barely survived longer than a few seconds in the room with the three power shields, before a missile (well, usually several) blow me up. Use the shock rifle to destroy the shields and don´t care about the enemies, as long as they´re not directly blocking your way.
                        As defender, try to attack the opponents already in the small corridors that lead to the main room. Often you can kill them there already without giving them the chance to fire at the shields.

                        -> Destroying the turrets is difficult as well. Try to stay far away from the turrets (mostly enemies are standing near them) and dodge their shots. The turret in the hall below can sometimes be destroyed by shoting through the gaps in the wire fence of the left ramp which is leading down.
                        As defender... well, try to draw the enemies attention on you rather than the turrets. In the big hall where the third turret is located, shock combos can be very efficient, since the enemies are usually jumping down there from the ramp. Fire a shock combo at where they land and give them a warm welcome.

                        -> Attacking the core of the ship is the worst part in this mission. You have to run a long distance to get into the room and then you´re often blown up instantly. If you´re approaching the hallway that leads to the core chamber, watch out for enemies standing on the containers, they can be dangerous if you don´t notice them. In the core chamber, dodge, dodge, dodge and fire flak shells into the reactor.
                        As defender, try to keep the enemies busy in the hallways leading to the core chamber.

                        As for Malcolm, your best try is to knock him off into hyperspace with the Shock Rifle, when he´s jumping... fighting him inside the ship is something for the professional (and even they often loose due to Malcolm´s good aiming, perfect dodging and usually maxed life&shield).

                        Good luck


                          In Mothership, the Bio Rifle secondary is your best friend. Since most of the objectives inside the ship itself involve destroying something, and because the Bio secondary does so much damage, using it will really speed up your time.


                            I've been playing around a bit with CTF, ONS and AS maps. It seems the blue comp teams have better odds for some reason. The red team just screws around while the blue team tramples them. I've seen plenty of times, round after round the red team did not meet any goal on Mothership or Convoy while the blue team made it under half the time limit. Even with inferior me on the blue team so blue actually has one team mate less. Maybe the blue team has a better chance getting bots suitable for for these types of games ? I'd like to hear the experiences pf you folks.


                              Originally posted by MayContainNuts
                              Actually, no, you can't. See here:
                              So, the patch didn't fix it?