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    Please HELP!

    Ok, you may think.., this is a really stupid question, but please keep in mind that I am a newbie at this and don't know much at all yet.

    I just purchased my very FIRST Unreal Tournement game.., which is the 2004 version.

    When I play online, I am finding loads of other players that can do all types of great things, jump higher, become invisible, shooting is better.., etc. I have seen info on "MOD'S" but I don't understand this at all and I am not an expert computer person. I can build a computer, but I can't write programming.

    How do "I" do that also? Do I have to be a computer programmer to take advantage of these upgrades?

    If possible, it would be great if someone could help me with some VERY SIMPLE step by step instructions on how to go about doing these modifications.

    Thank you VERY much,


    Just take a look at this thread wich will prob answer most of your questions.

    Click here


      All of the things people in the same game as you are doing, you can do as well.

      Mods are alterations to the game which affect EVERY player in the game. If some player is doing something crazy which you can't do, rest assured you CAN do it, you just dont know how.

      For example, the invisibility.... read your manual. It's under 'adrenaline'.

      Again: Read the manual.


        You should come join me for a game sometime and i can help you out with showing and teaching you the "moves" and other things....
        Add: {uSuK}SteelPeel to your buddy list.... what is your username? That way i can find you.



          Thank you SO much for your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Other forums that I belong to like to make fun of newbies and they don't really help us.

          So, once again, I appreciate it very much!!

          My username is: PoloBailey

          How can we play a game together so you can teach me? I would LOVE IT!!

          Thanks again and have a great day!



            Well, best way i learnt was watching others and reading forums to find just how they did that "move". Also, i found a great avi video that someone had made explaining how to do doging, flips etc... (he said what keys he was hitting as he did the move... was really helpful).
            I have added you to my buddy list, hope to be gaming with you soon.
            Also, check your e-mail... i sent you one to give you my contact info (the e-mail address that you have for your profile here)..... anyways gtg. cheers.


              Thanks again, but I have to be totally honest with you. I am really getting frustrated like crazy. I have read a bunch of forums and read the instruction booklet, and NO INFO on special moves (like the ones I am seeing during gameplay at least). It is really frustrating when I shoot someone like 50 times, and then they turn around and shoot me ONE TIME AND KILL ME!!!! Then they WIZ away with a trail.., how the heck do you do that? They are jumping like 100 times higher then the normal jump with the space bar. I just can't seem to find these "secrets". I don't think it is fair when I play with others that won't tell you how they do these special moves, they have the advantage, and it is not very fair at all.

              Don't get me wrong, I understand when someone finds a secret and doesn't want to let anyone else know the "how to" so they can be ON TOP and keep on winning. But that really stinks.

              I would just like to know how to do the SUPER HIGH jump, and how to disappear and WIZ away with a trail behind me..., that one blows my mind.

              If anyone can offer me at least some tricks and tips, I would really appreciate it very much so that I can start to enjoy playing this game and stop getting killed every 1 minute or so.

              Thanks again, I really appreciate it VERY MUCH :-)



                Ok it sounds like they are using adrenalin move you can use then when you have 100 adrenalin.

                They are
                forward, forward, forward, foward
                That is for speed you can jup higher too it leaves a tral behind you when you move.

                4X Backward is boster and you steadly recover health.

                left, right, left, right (or maby it's right, left, right, left) is
                invisibility. It a lot harder to see you.

                2X forward and 2X backward it Baserk You fire faster.

                Ok hope that helps.


                  So after I die I have to get at least 100 adrenalins?? But it seems that people die and come right back and have the powers automatically without having to save up stuff or gather anything. How is this happening.

                  Is there a list somewhere of all of these special moves, hits, and tricks for during game play?

                  Also what do you mean when you say 4x backwards, 2x forward and 2x backwards?? What exactly do you mean by this., do you mean that you press the forward button 2x or the backwards button 2x really fast? or what? Please explain in detail.

                  Thanks again for your help and patience.



                    Ok by 2x backwards I mean pressing backwards two times ok, the same for the others.

                    I think they are in you manual but I'm not sure.
                    If ou want a UT guide go here

                    For the adrenalin if you die you still have the same amount you had before you die so if you had 90 before you died you would still have 90 when you respawn. And to use adrenalin you have to have 100 and you have to hit the keys in the order I listed earlyer farly quickly. You can get adrenalin by collecting it (the little red and white capsuls) or by killing people.

                    Hope this helps.