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backup UT2004 DVD to HD??

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    backup UT2004 DVD to HD??

    Call me a madman if you will; I want to eliminate disk switching, reduce damaging disks, improve start-up times of my games...oh, and NOT have to pay twice for a game because i've "overused it" to the point of it not working. So I'm planning on copying all game cds/dvds to a hard drive. i'm not looking to burn copies or anything, i just want to create images, then mount them with something like DaemonTools or Alcohol 120% so i don't have to root through my dangerous piles of discs. Most games I've tried this with have given me no trouble, but the Unreal Tournament 2004 DVD is causing my head to itch. I made an image of it with Alcohol, mount it, & click "Play UT2004" on the splash screen. i get an error about some SecuRom nonsense. I'm no expert in this field, so what should i do? I tried several differnent combinations of enabling this, disabling that. no luck. i'm angered now.

    so...any suggestions are welcomed. i don't want to start any fights about how "That sounds like PIRACY to me, man!" i want these images for backing up a fragile little piece of plastic & metal that contains $40 worth of info. I don't like to buy things twice, so i'm just trying to look out for #1, and his bank account. No one gave me any **** about backing up all my music onto hard drive, it just seems that this is more complicated. SO, if this is going to cause a ruckus, please let me know and i'll not post any more on the subject. THANK YOU in advance for not giving me that speech

    that was wordy. woot.


    Nice easy one mate,
    Install the latest patch and no more do you need to put the disc in the drive.
    thats it no more problems.