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wall Jump, Err...

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    wall Jump, Err...

    Not a noob, but judging by this question it might seem to be....

    I always couldnt go jumping off a wall, i dont know why its just i cant do it because i just cant, and when jumping off a high buildin and bouncing off the wall is like impossable to me so can someone tel me the steps o how to jump off the wall, i always thought u get close to the wall and then do the double jump...but i guess i am wrong

    Thats why your having problems, its actually a dodge.

    stand next to a wall facing it, jump and at the height of it dodge backwards I.E. tap backwards twice in quick succesion.
    practice it and the strart to attempt it on the move like running toward the wall then dodging backwards, finaly try it at angles dodging away sideways.

    Before you start set your dodge time to 0.5 it makes it easier then later set it to whatever feels comfortable.

    If you realy cant get to grips with it then pay me a visit.