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ONS-Torlan strategies...

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    ONS-Torlan strategies...

    Start by flying the Raptor and grab the target painter from the center node and use to take out the enemy heading towards their PN1. While you are doing that your team should have a faction heading towards your PN1 and two split offs heading for PN2 and the center node.

    Your Hellbender has awesome power from a distance, park it and use the turret gun to take out the enemy’s energy at PN2.

    Remember to constantly defend your PN1.

    React quickly to the enemy, if they are gunning for the center PN, make sure you get the Goliath to take them out in the narrow swath.

    Before you can attack the enemy power core, you have to have at least their PN2, which will give you the tank to be able to dessimate their PN1 and obliverate the enemy rushing out their main base. This will free the raptor to have free reign on their core from above.

    target painter from the center node
    There is no target painter on the center node.

    There is a redeemer on top of the tower though......


      Re: ONS-Torlan strategies...

      Originally posted by regniguy
      This will free the raptor to have free reign on their core from above.
      Raptors don't tend to last long at all, in my experience. Try a manta for infiltration then whip out a flack cannon, or better yet, link up and take it down in style (VERY rarely happens).

      What you said about the tank is too true though.


        how do you use the bomber[/IMG]