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    There's another, virtually identical thread, but it doesn't matter, here's what I've learned.

    The better bots are more expensive. Choose by price and you can't go wrong.

    When you want to add to your team, start by challenging the Strong and Tough teams to Bloodrites challenges. Choose the arena first, then the game will show the prices for the opposing team members as you scroll through them. Choose the most expensive one. It will have the best stats.

    The game type for challenges is not intuitive. There is a checkbox way over to the right on the Instagib line. If that box is not checked, you'll play a Team Deathmatch game. I prefer that to Instagib for challenges but that's your choice to make.

    Pick maps that you know and take your strongest team members. I always set my team to Roam for Deathmatch rounds, it doesn't seem to make much difference except that they seem to stay more bunched up that way. Follow your team around to get the best kill rates, don't get scattered or the opposing team gets ahead quickly.

    When you are confident enough, challenge Godlike teams the same way. Get their most expensive player, that bot will have the best stats and abilities.

    Good luck and have fun!