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Question About Bot Skills...

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  • Question About Bot Skills...


    I'm not new to UT or UT2003 (or games in general), but I do have a question that I can't seem to find anywhere so I thought I'd post it here:

    What is the difference between the bot skills as far as WEAPON DAMAGE strengths go?

    Meaning, in the old UT, the skill of the bots (Average; Skilled; et al.) also made all the weapons in the game either weaker or stronger -- some times Even stronger than normal human vs. human levels -- And I just would like to practice using the default levels that you use online without any mutors present like instagib and whatnot.

    Also, are there any custom mods/mutators I can get that enhance the bots and make them more human like?

    I think they are pretty good right now, but sometimes I would like more unpredictability like when playing real humans.

    I don't, however, want them jumping around like maniacs -- Even if that is what humans do.

    I am looking for pro-level skill type bots that play like Fatality and other top UT2003 players if possible (these guys don't jump around per se as they just doge and strafe more better than your average pub gamer).

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    Superbots v 2.2 mutator... for Superbots just add the mut and set skill to godlike


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      Hmm I'll have to download that, thanks. Normal bots don't seem to be any fun anymore....were they ever fun?:bulb:


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        weapon damage is always the same i think, but when they get better, they will be more accurate, so weapons with splash will hit closer to you and end up doing more.


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          Fatality Rocks!

          Just wondering, how did you hear of him?
          and has anyone played against him?

          Sorry I know its a bit off topic


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            First off...

            Thank you to everyone who answered my question.

            I downloaded Superbots and it is definitely a more human-like gaming experience.

            I usually do the "1 vs 1" thing in certain maps so this is definitely what I was looking for (more human-like reaction and tactics versus just jumping around and scoring a lot of kills in the middle of a 10 player DM).


            I know of Fatality through the general buzz surrounding UT2003.

            I also know that his basic playing style is mostly defensive and controlling a map versus offensive and "taking it to the other guy" as other Quake and UT2003 players do.

            I like UT2003 from a technical and graphical stand point -- It is the smoothest and best looking non-realism FPShooter I've played and own -- But I also agree with the sentiment some have that the default weapons are slightly unbalanced and should be toned down some (in force and splash damage) to bring even more skill to the game as a lot of the weapons don't require a lot of accuracy and mainly rely on splash damage to get the player kills.