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  • Ctf

    Many CTF maps have little sitting spots where you can protect your flag without being seen to easily, these can be use to wait for the other teams flag to be returned and you nab is quick. So far I've found one of each CTF map

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    great !

    thanks :up:


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      Dropping a tube full of green goop on someones head when they try and steal your flag can be fun But then some get all hissy and have to call you a cheat ETC. But pay no attention strategy is what makes CTF so fun:up:


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        hehe, those who call u a cheater are the ones who don't like campers. But don't mind them Camping 4 ever

        camp on... :up:


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          Instagib CTF is great with those spots

          Nobody likes getting camped. That's why it's fun. :bulb:


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            I LOVE (Rolling Eyes ) to hear someone complain that so & so isn't following the "rules" of a game. What dang rules?

            It's a game... learn to defend against your opponent, or just leave, but don't complain about it!

            We occasionally have peep complain about getting blasted with the redeemer in CTF, things like "cheap shot", etc..

            I tell them, "your so skilled, it's the only way i can kill you! Consider it a compliment!" LOL