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Multiplayer Problem

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  • Multiplayer Problem

    OK peeps.
    I'm a veteran UT player, and I recently got the UT2k3.
    I've been playing single player, and only got the Bombing Run left in ladder.
    So I get bit bored of single player, tried to connect online,
    nothing shows up.

    And yes, i have gotten EVERY bonus packets, LATEST patch, and UT2k3 runs FINE.
    I have cable modem, VALID cd key, and NO firewall.
    My friend gave me server IP and played in it.
    But every time i try going in multiplayer, there's message that says

    "failed to connect to master server - retrying"
    or something like that comes up!!.

    And in Multiplayer i only see tabs like News-Filters-Lan-Favorites.
    Can anyone give me solution for this? Thx in advance.

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    Just a question are you using a wireless internet connection?


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      or a router/switch?


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        U must complete the single player game before u can play online on the multiplayer servers. This means you have to complete the bombing run ladder.
        If you (like me) think that bombing run sucks, then you can enable the god mode in the console and it will all be over in about half an hour.

        Hope this was helpfull



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          Lmfao, Qureshi, not at all.

          You don't have to beat the single player mode to play online, I don't know where you got that idea from. If you did this, I feel sorry for you.

          Anyway, NineWounds, have you tried using ASE? If you can see the servers, connect, and play from the ASE list, it's probably a problem with a ut2k3 game file that can be easily solved.


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            I dont understand!!! I am quite sure (allthough long time ago) that I was only able to host a online multiplayer game before I completed the game. After I completed the single player mode, the "play online" menu was unlocked and I was automatically forwarded to the server menu.
            This scenario also happened to another friend of mine, so I dont know what to make of all this. Maybe our UT game is an other version???
            We can also just have NineWounds to complete the game and then see what happens. Its worth the try

            Otherwise I dont know how to help you NineWounds



            • #7
              i have no idea where you got that from, it is in no way true :bulb:
              anyway, his problem probably is not directly a problem with the application, but with his network connection. I have a router and had the same problem, but i dont know what this guys situation is...


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                when i try to play LAN: " The Master serves has determined your CD-Key is eighter invalid or already in use ... ". How can I fix this problem ? Thanks !


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                  You need to buy more copies of UT. And this topic is 3 years old, please use "New Topic".

                  I know, sucks that you have to buy the game several times, maybe wait for UT2k7? Might suck to buy so many copies of UT2k4 when UT2k7 is just around the corner.