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Keybindings for CTF/DD/BR & Aliases

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    Keybindings for CTF/DD/BR & Aliases

    Hello people, here's what i'd like to do - set up some aliases/keybinds so that when I start a match, I can use a key to set up the keybinds for CTF or DD or BR - depending on which one I am playing.

    for example: by pressing 'Numpad 4' for ctf, it would assign the following:

    'X' - to 'speech other 2 | Teamsay "- Cover me {%h} {%l} -" ' - I got the flag
    'Y' to 'speech other 12' - enemy flag carrier is here

    but by pressing 'Numpad 5' I get BR keybinds:

    'X' - to 'speech other 8 | Teamsay "- Cover me {%h} {%l} -" ' - I got the ball
    'Y' to 'speech other 15' - ball carrier is here

    and then by pressing 'Numpad 6' I get DD keybinds:

    'X' - to 'speech other 18' - attack Alpha
    'Y' - to 'speech other 19' - attack Bravo

    of course more keybinds would be used but the question remains - how would you go about this. I get stuck trying to add more than one command to an alias/set input statement. Would something like the following work:

    Aliases[#]=(Command="set input X (speech other 2 | Teamsay "- Cover me {%l} {%h} -") | set input Y speech other 12",Alias="CTFShouts")

    The problem is the token required for assigning more than one command to a 'set input' inside an alias. Would ' work, or perhaps %", or even {} or () or []

    Or would there be an easier way around this? For example:

    set input X if (CaptureTheFlag==1), (speech other 2 | Teamsay "- Cover me {%l} {%h} -") | if (BombingRun==1), ....

    thanx in advance,