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OK, really bad new guy questions...

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    OK, really bad new guy questions...

    New to UT; I've only played UC on X-box. I have a few questions.

    1. I've seen a bunch of people with races that I don't have. Where do you go to change your race/avatar/whatever? Do you have to unlock the robot characters in single player?

    2. Do the characters have weapon affinities and special abilities I'm not aware of? In UC, robots could jump higher, Anubins got adreneline faster, etc.

    3. Umm... I believe Cliffy said in a recent interview (recent as in the game was already released) that there would be a matinee feature that lets you tweak with FMVs. Where is it?

    1) There are only three special characters to be opened in the single player: Malcolm, Clanlord, and Xan. You should be able to get any of the others in the character selection screen. (Settings - Player - Change Character)

    2) There's a mutator which will give the various races advantages, but I doubt you'll find that being played online very much. Otherwise the only difference is appearance and voice.

    3) No idea what you're talking about.


      Thanks for help on one and two. The fact that UT2k4 lacks characters with weapon affinities and special abilities is a little disappointing, but I still love the game. The Cybernetic characters look so cool!

      Cliffy B. (the creator of the game) said that there would be a Movie editing feature as well as the usual UT editor. So far, I haven't been able to find either... all I've got is the game, a few save files, and my .uni or whatever, and my comp doesn't have an application to open them in. Can anyone help me find the map editor?

      EDIT: Oh yeah, I have the mac version (I do stuff with graphics... you know how it goes). I was wondering if ANYONE out there could help. All the tutorials I find are for windows.


        The movie editing is pretty simple thing. U won't really edit movies with it.
        When you play online you can record what you are doing (open the console using ~ and type "demorec gamename.dem")
        Once you have a demo, you can go to community and then to Demo.
        U can convert your demo to divx files. However, this is pretty slow and buggy (not matter what resolution u chose it's always on the lowest).