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Advanced movement techniques

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    Advanced movement techniques

    I'd like to address an interesting way of moving about the map that I believe may enhance overall performace in every game type. It's the doge/jump technique. I'm new to the forums, so it may have been discussed already. If so, my apologies, and feel free to link to it.

    The Technique:
    Double tap a movement key to dodge in that direction, then when at the peak of your dodge, hit jump to double jump off of your dodge. The result is an extended dodge, that hurles you through the air faster than you could ever run or jump. The effect is multiplied if the server has quad jump enabled. I almost never simply walk anywhere anymore. I always "super dodge".

    However, it's still remains to be seen if this is ACTUALLY faster than normal running. It can't be denied that it makes you MUCH harder to hit. But I've never had a race or anything to PROVE that it is faster than running. I'm always at the top of the scoreboard, on almost every game type. That didn't change when I started using the super dodge, so that's not a fair gauge...

    Note that to super dodge, you have to release your hold on a movement button for a seccond (in order to double tap) so this slows you down slightly. Also, there is a SLIGHT delay when you LAND from a dodge. This delay is not present in a normal jump.

    Most of the time when I super dodge over long distances, I head at a 45 degree angle to my destination (using the forward key) then super dodge to the SIDE. The end result isn't a straight line to the destination (so agian, it might be slower than running straight), the end result is an erratic ZIG ZAG towards the destination. And that is a VERY safe way to move: almost impossible to snipe. You might as well suck on the barrel of the Sniper rifle and pull the trigger yourself if you're going to run in a straight line towards your destination.

    Its faster then normal running I think.

    if you do it in a low grav game speed you can practicly fly across the map btw.


      I'm about 99.99% sure it's faster than running. I always beat people who are running to available vehicles by dodge jumping


        Emm, its called a 'dodge jump'

        Its MUCH faster than just running lol.

        There is a better way to do that "dodge over long distances". As you said, if you look forward and dodge etc, you won't move in a straight line to the place you want to go to, but erraticly move around the level like you've just had a few too much. There is a way to dodge jump forward in a nearly perfect straight line, without ever using the forward dodge.

        Heres how to do it:

        -always keep forward pressed
        -look to your right
        -dodge left, them jump to do a dodge jump
        -quickly 'snap' your mouse to the place you want to go to.

        Heres a small demo of a "diagonal dodge jump"

        It was actually made to show how to get up those ramps in Rankin, but it perfectly illustrates what I mean