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please delete me

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  • please delete me

    sorry i made a post i no longer need please delete me

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    You can delete this post yourself ya know?


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      i know that but it says i havent got andimistrative blah blah blah, or somthing like that.

      ill try again though.

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      thats the one, it says that.


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        Hmmm... weird, that sux though. :weird:


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          Pezman, I believe removed the delete option, because he wanted to stop people from double posting. Basically, to stop people from deleting they're posts to frame other people into looking like they were double posting.

          Most of this shi!t happened about a couple of months ago. I don't agree with it, but I could care less really. Just make a mean smiley when you can't delete a post, or a thread. <----


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            :up: there you go


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              Originally posted by stealth_ut2003

              :up: there you go
              Hey, You catch on quick :up: Oh, if you're having an off day and you slip up and triple post. Yell out DAMNIT PEZMAN! :up:


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                lol:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: