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Recruiting Skaarj in SP not possible? Anyone have Skaarj in his Team?

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    Recruiting Skaarj in SP not possible? Anyone have Skaarj in his Team?

    Playing SP currently and won all DD and half of CTF and first BR Map, but I can't recruit any Skaarj (really like those models) for my Team. I can only recruit Humans (all kinds of but no Skaarj or Robots) so far.
    I know that I can win other Team Menbers via Bloodrites (won the Rapier Robot) , but I can't even compete against any Skaarj Teams.

    Do they come only when Assault is unlocked?
    Or is it because I started with novice difficulty (don't laugh, I always start with the lowest setting ) and Skaarj Teams apear only in higher difficult settings?

    uhh, just do a bloodrite challenge against the skaarj team. they kinda suck anyway since the only people really worth your time are brock, lauren, and malcom anyway. the skaarj aren't any better than the corrupt, thundercrash, juggernauts, and a few other teams.

    you cant recruit them as free agents till you've completed most of the ladders.


      Problem is I can't select the Skaarj Team to fight against in an Bloodrites match.
      They are not listed.


        I THINK the skargj become available as you progress towards the end of the single player ladder.

        I didn't notice when they started popping up in bloodrites, but there they were.

        They have a much better agility rating than the majority of the other players... makes them hard to hit, imho.


          i was able to challenge them to a bloodright match as soon as i first fought them(and beat them) in a match.

          but they're still worthless compared to brock, lauren, and malcom who have stats that are all in the mid to high 90's.