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    SP help needed

    Bombing Run is what is causing me trouble. Every match goes to overtime without any team scoring. Getting the ball to the enemy base seems impossible. And I keep playing until I get frustrated and give up...

    Currently, as in all games I have played so far, I have all the bots set to auto-assign and I never give them orders in game. Is this important?

    What about bot skills, like agility and precision. Are some skills more important for certain gametypes?

    Who can teach me some good BR tips and tricks?
    (I am playing at "Skilled" difficulty.)

    I don't play much BR, but a couple strats i did pick up from SP:
    - dump the ball into the zone if you're gonna get killed
    - I usually gave my teammates the ball and flakked everything and everyone that got in their way
    - when u have the ball and an enemy is coming towards you, toss the ball at them, they will pick it up....then blast'em
    - use the translocator
    - Get a good team going, the robot guys (rapier and the others) and brock / lauren are good