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    Originally posted by Beer.Blunt
    u sure about that? :weird:
    Sure about what...that 2K4 scrolls to the HUD display or Unreal1 scrolls to priority?

    I've shuffled my priorities in 2K4 and the mouse wheel still scrolls across the bottom of the HUD sequence (shield far left, link in the middle and sniper far right).

    I haven't looked @ Unreal1 in a while...but I'm pretty sure the wheel was in sync with the weapons priority settings.


      you're right. The Hud order and scroll order always stay the same in UT2k4. I never noticed cuz I have my weapons bound.....
      Maybe an ini tweak, I'm not sure.


        heres mine

        MS intellimouse opticle
        Fire - Left mouse button
        Alt Fire - Middle mouse
        Best Weapon - Right Side button
        Translocator - Left side button
        Scroll wheel - next/prev weapon

        Forward - Up arrow key
        Back - Down arrow key
        Left - Left arrow key
        Right - Right Arrow key


          I use the 'Switch to last weapon' command on my shift key to stack weapons. I have all my weapons binded to different keys, Q, E, R, F, X etc.
          If I want to use a lightning-gun/Flak combo, I first select LG, then Flak before going into battle, then when I've shot my LG, and hit "something" I only have to press my shift key to get the flak out. Although this method was even handier in UT2003 ( because of the fatser weapon switch times), I still find this way very handy


            I use the 'Switch to last weapon' command on my shift key to stack weapons
            That is my goal also to use more keys to stack different combos
            and for different types of gametypes.


              Like lotus wrote , use binds that you can use without letting go of your middle finger ( for going forward / back ) , turn of weapon switch on pickup it will help you getting used to switching weapons . My settings :

              Shield gun - Q
              AR - 1
              Bio - 3
              Shock - mouse wheel up
              Link - R
              Minigun - F
              Flak - E
              Rock - mouse wheel down
              Lg - shift ( left one )
              Super - Alt ( left one )
              Trans - 4

              Now the ones that Im thinking of changing are R,F maybe I could use C , X instead, but I like it this way .


                WASD to move.

                Caps Lock=Shock


                  First of if you ever get trouble with windows drivers to decide you don't have mouse button this or that (not recognising the buttons in your mouse). Then use mouseware drivers and you can asign those buttons you have for keastrokes (i did that since original use of these buttons caused some lag/hicups :/ letters seem to not to do that).

                  and now for my setup.

                  wasd for moving
                  q for flak
                  e for shock
                  r for link
                  f for mini
                  2 for superweps (in ONS good for quick airstrikes)

                  since i use my mouse with 2 fingers on top and not 3 i have
                  LMB for pri fire
                  RMB for sec fire
                  mid mouse for bio
                  scroll up for previous weapon
                  scroll down for best weapon (i have LG/Sniper in there)
                  forward mouse for RL
                  backward mouse for shield Gun
                  arrows on top of the wheel for USE
                  arrows below wheel for translocator

                  Works for me but i suggest that you find your own special setting for you.


                    AAAAAAHHH!!! Too many people using the arrow keys! If you are right handed, use WASD or ESDF. If you are left handed, use the numberpad (all of these setups give more keys around your movement ones, so you can access a lot more things without messing up your ability to move.)


                      I moved away from Arrow keys, cause I didn't like both hands on one side of the keyboard.

                      Use keys around your WASD (or EDSF) for your more important weapons (shock, lightning). Keys like E, F are easy for me to reach.



                        EDSF for movement

                        W - Shock rifle or Sniper weapon
                        R - Minigun or Flak Cannon
                        Q - Translocator
                        CAPS LOCK - Rocket Launcher or Link Gun
                        A - Use

                        I don't need to bind any others coz I don't really use them that much

                        For keys with double binds:
                        If I have both weapons:
                        Selects the first weapon listed
                        press again for second weapon

                        If neither are available:
                        It does nothing

                        If one is available:
                        It selects the one that is but won't select the other

                        Weapons with 2 weapons in their slot (Flak and grenade launcher)
                        it will only cycle between Flak and Grenade launcher if I have no minigun (same goes for avril if there's no link gun)

                        This also saves the amount of keys I have to memorize and reach out for in a fire fight