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My Comp is acting weird with UT2004...

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    My Comp is acting weird with UT2004...

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here, but i have been playing UT since the first edition came out. Anyways, here is my problem...
    My computer is doing something odd, here are my system spec's first...

    athlon 2600 xp processor
    512 single chip ram ddr
    80gig 7,200 rpm 8meg cache Hdd
    Ati radon 9500 128meg ddr vid card (half year old)

    this should be PLEANTY to run this game, and i think it is, i had it on default settings and i was getting in excess of 200 fps when playing with one opponet. but it was glitching... such as... all of a sudden my movement just "stops" and it resumes a second later.

    so i got upset because it was happening all the time, so i jacked up all the options to the highest, and i pumped up res. to 1080x786 same thing happened... avg fps is 80-100, and i am running good but then all of a sudden it just frezes and i go in the direction of the last key stoke untill i can move again. this kills my gaming abilitys. infact this is the only reason i have not gone online yet... i am dying to.

    you guys think it is my processor? it can't be my vid card, if i am getting such high fps, i mean it happens on even the most basic levels with one one opp! please help... thanks.


    I don't think the problem is hardware here, I bet the problem is software.

    What you could try is reinstalling the game.

    Still happens? Format and reinstall Windows, then install the Catalyst drivers for your vid card, reinstall the game and try again.

    If that doesn't work, I'm fresh out of ideas, becouse your hardware should be able to run the game just fine.


      Not sure if this will help, but here goes.

      First try having the load skins check box unchecked.

      Second, I have a 9600 pro and the ati/powercolor site actually recommended driving the card in the bios to 1.6v instead of the 1.5v normally set. "try this one at your own risk as your card is a 9500". This tweak actually did wonders for me.

      Third, try downloading the catalyst 3.10 drivers which have fixes for newer games. Remembering to unistall your current driver before trying to install the new one!

      Forth, when the ati drivers are loaded in smartgart set your card to 4x if that does not work go to 2x and make sure hardware is set to performance.

      I had hangs initially and the second item made great differences in my performance and stability. Unfortunately your card is a little bit diff.



        Also, Red what amount of memory are you running on your 9500?

        And, what is the aperture set at on your motherboard if available?

        Aperture should be set at 1/2 of your available card memory.