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i like it- but its so hard

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    i like it- but its so hard

    i do really love the demo.
    been really hooked for the last few days.

    i just wished everyone else wasn't like some super hero dood compared to my mr bean.

    will i ever get good at this game, or will i suck forever?

    some of yer guys out there should take up guitar or summat. the rate their fingers must be working at - they could show steve vai a thing or 2


    Hi, glad you're loving the demo

    If you're new, it can be very tough going online as a lot of players are very talented.

    I suggest getting the full version and working your way through the Single Player campaign. It gives you great practice at all game types and conditions and you can choose you skill level.

    Learn which weapon to use, and when. Sounds obvious but choosing the correct weapon is very important, and learn how to change them quickly, either by binding keys or getting good with the mouse scroller.

    The other very important aspect is movement, practice your dodging and movement offline against the bots at a challenging skill level, they have a decent aim and should keep you busy.

    If you're just getting slaughtered online (which I was when I first started) I played offline for a while to practice.

    And yeah, i do play guitar

    Good luck!


      learn how to counter the weapons using the opposite type.
      also play instagib even if you dont like it( i dont but i play IG CTF) this greatly improves accuracy, Ddom improves movment.

      movment is very important to stayin alive longer, learn to dodge, wall dodge dodge jump, wall dodge jump.

      hope this helps


        You will get better with practice. Remember, a lot of these people have been playing these types of FPS (First Person Shooters) for YEARS. But as you get better, it becomes harder and harder to make a marked improvement.

        But if you're just starting out, and you practice and take note of different tactics, dodging, etc., you'll notice a big improvement over a few weeks. Like others have said, spectate some good players, watch what they do, how they move, etc.

        And I can attest to Instagib Instagib CTF, great practice for everything.


          Instagib in CTF and BR at LAN parties really did wonders for my aim. Try playing every game type, play lots of Instant Action against bots, etc. By continuously practising, and trying new techniques, you will become better at the game.


            Yeah, I agree with the points about playing the Single Player and Instagib.

            But, trust me, the first bunch of times you play IG, you will get your *** blown off constantly. Just keep at it though and you will improve.

            Its all about practice. Everyone started somewhere.



              Thanks for your tips everyone.
              I bought the full game yesterday, so can feel lots of practice coming along.

              1 really newbie question though - whats instagib?


                Work the single player and instant action a bunch... you'll figure it out. And use the 'search' function on these forums. There is a ton of info out there waiting to be found.
                Instagib is where it's modded so you just get the super shock rifle and one hit will kill you... think that's pretty much it. Very good for learning to aim and move to stay alive...!


                  I thought it would be really tough too and i'd get my *** kicked. But i'm actually getting consistant top 3 places on invasion and ONS. But I guess thats because I played SoF for a few years, so the practice from that probably got my aiming good on all FPS. Plus the maps on Unreal are so easy to learn which is a huge help as you can just get on with fragging rather than exploring. Anyway yeah you'll get the hang of it eventually, just stick at it and you'll be good within a few weeks. But it'll probably take many many months to master. Frag ya later


                    Dude, I AM Joe Satriani on Unreal!! lol :haha: