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    BlackWolf, do you expect to keep your server open to the public even after you close your recruiting doors?

    I've enjoyed the diversity in playing levels on the server and the map Icarus (still haven't figured it out yet, though), and there always seems to be a great bunch of people playing.


      Yes, in our current plans, our game server will be open to the public most of the time. We will close it for team practices, our own tournaments, and so forth. With the number of members we are getting, we have discussed a closed server some or a second server for only F8 members.

      If needed, we will kick non-team members if the server is full to make room for a team member to come in. This happens here and there. We do not kick people when the server is full automatically, so don't think "the server is full, I'm about to be kicked". We only do it when someone joins on TeamSpeak and tells us they can't get in. It is then usually the lowest scoring person that goes unless the admin knows they are new and learning.


        yea you can def find good cheap private servers that would serve that purpose nicely. we have a 12 player private server for practices and matches in addition to our 16 player pub (which is nice because lately we've had 2-3 practices and 2 matches per week - doesn't leave a lot of time for servers to be public - and thats with only 12 members!!)


          We are opening our doors for a second round of recruiting if anyone is interested.


            Server IP in my sig... come and play even if you don't want to join us!