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res vs detail

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    res vs detail

    In general is it better to sacrifice detail for higher resolution or vice versa? Also the manual warns about issues if the load all skins is turned off. Anybody having any problems? Trying to decrease new map load times as the enemas are already constructing a node when I'm joining.

    not had any problems after turning off the player skins option.

    I had the same problem of long load times until i switched this off.

    not sure about the res v detail question though..


      All depends, but I have an LCD and never leave 1024x768.

      So that saves me the problem.

      But seriously, why bother playing in high res ie 1600x1200 and have all the features turned off.

      It'll look ****.


        just buy a 9800XT and play at 1600x1200 with everything on

        Seriously, I love high res/high details, the game is just too gorgeous, but I found out that using low details on the world and high details on character models make the models stand out more and easier to spot/frag.

        Everything else is personal preference. Things are little "muddled" under 1024x768, so I'd try to play at that res or above if possible and set world detail to low if needed.

        As far as preload skins, you may experience a fraction of a second hitch when a new player joins a game because the comp needs to load the coresponding skin. Maybe higher detailed texture takes longer there, but you're talking a fraction of a second.



          It is usually a combination of the two I have a 9800 pro and in multiplayer I turn down things like decals and character details. Shadows across the board have a massive impact for some reason in most games, Blob shadows look just as good to me and increase my frame rate by about 30% and in my opinion they actually look better than the full shadows. 800x600 is not a good resolution the jaggies really show and with identical settings it is neglibly faster than 1024x768


            for me i have everything on low. the reason is that once you have seen all the eyecandy, you've seen it. i got this game not for how it looks but for the gameplay. thats what matters most to me.

            also ive had no problems and faster loading times with the per-load of skins off.


              The problem they are refering to is, If you turn off preload skins it *could* cause stuttering ONLY in online games. However if you have preload skins turned on it Definatly increases load times, plus most of the skins wont be used, so it's really wasteful of resources if you dont have an uber system.