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How to make static meshes stuck to each other

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    How to make static meshes stuck to each other

    I'm currently in trouble with a simple thing in UDK3, (im a beginner).
    It's about stuck static meshes to each other. I want a group of object to make a single one, that can be modify as my wish.

    Im certainly not clear enough so here we go:

    That the normal aspect of my group of static meshes: (a little bridge)

    When I rotate it on the red axis without touching the initial blue rotation, it works just fine. But if I rotate it by 45 to the right on the blue axis and try to rotate it again on the red axis, the group of object break is normal aspect:

    I have try to create prefab to group them but still dont work.


    The two images didn't paint that clear a picture, why is the BSP looking block-object also selected for example?
    Does switching between world and local make any difference (dropdown on toolbar or press the tilde ~ key)....?

    Usually this process is pretty simple unless you're also scaling things on multiple planes.
    You can use CTRL-G to group things as well, but that's not the issue here, I think the problem might be Pivots actually...

    Try right-clicking on the selected objects for popup-menu, then choose 'move pivot' to where the center point of these objects should be...


      I have made new images that is more clear. Forget the BSP.
      I cannot use the Wolrd axis reference because my group of object need to be rotate with local.

      I try to move the pivot and it didn't work.

      Im re-explaining more clearly:

      I have made a composition of object to make a bridge, there is like 20 object (8 are visible in the following image):
      This object has been rotated by 45 degrees on the green axis compare to the initial rotation 0; 0; 0.

      Now I switch to Local, because I need to rotate the group like that to make a bridge that go up, so I take the blue axis and I rotate it quite a few, making some complete circle, etc... and without touching anything else than the blue axis rotation, my group of object "explode" and every object rotation gone wild and it looks like **** after that :

      Thanks for responding me that quick by the way. I hope my bad english don't disturb you that much.


        No worries I've read and spoken worse... My UDK chops are rusty, its been a while since I did level design...
        This isn't a prefab, right? I would look carefully at the objects that are exploding out of line with the others and ask...
        Are the rotations odd compared to the other objects being rotated? If no, then are the default pivots on each off?


          It's not a prefab, but make a prefab doesn't make any change to the problem.
          Im not sure to understand what "odd" rotation means, you mean it's weird ? Rotation axis of the group and each individual object seems normal and logic, and they are equal to 125, 225 and 45 depend of the object.
          They weren't at default on each object, so I tried to put every object to default and it change nothing

          Im sure there is a simple way to get what I want but I don't find it, however it's a pretty simple manipulation :/

          Anyway thanks for trying to help me


            your not going to get much help in this section post in the udk section this is for ut2004


              Thanks for the info, I just haven't find 2003. I see 2003/2004 and I have guess that it was the good section.