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    Hello all.
    It's been over 5 years since I've played or modded ut2004.

    I'm buying a computer soon and reinstalling the game.

    I have a few projects in mind.
    One is to continue to make the entire map of nosgoth from original soul reaver game.
    So my first question arrises.
    Is there a melee weapon mod?

    Two, thinking of making a racing game. But that is for later on.

    For now that melee mod is what interests me the most.
    I will need help with spell casting weapons too.
    Also spells too. Such as single damage and area damage. Plus using emitters for the special effects.

    Which leads me to another question.
    How you go about making a melee weapon?

    Last but not **** least, is great emmerald still around?
    You helped me a lot before, with triggers, movers, etc.
    Please add me, and everyone else who knows this stuff.

    Long live ut.

    There are still a few modders around to help.
    Great Emerald was around somewhat recent, he finished another beta for the UT3 weapons and mutators mod.
    I am working on a couple weapons myself.
    Have you made a weapons mutator before?


      Glad you're still. around.
      I never made a weapons mutator.
      Wouldn't even know where to start.

      Which weapons are you making?


        I made a stick of Dynamite, Pumpkin Cannon and a Light Saber.
        I have a few others I just haven't gotten to.

        Here is a great tutorial for starting out.

        After you become familiar with how to get things working, you can look into the games code and learn how to change things.
        I started out as a mapper as well.

        This game


          Will have a look when I can.

          Another thing I would like to do is skills.
          Like an rpg.
          It would be awesome.


            I have a question.
            I'm thinking about doing warp gates.
            But need them to have a scrolling menu using emitters or images to show various destinations, and thus go through the selected one.

            What would I have to add to a teleport node and a trigger condition?
            The idea is to activate the teleport node using only the action button and not zone trigger, so I'm guessing that a scripted trigger would have to come to play?

            For instance,
            wait for event> action=pressaction
            -trigger (var)
            =showoptions {displayimageset}


              To answer your question you can get ballistic weapons which includes Junkwars who is a melee mod and is included in BW 2.5 There is also a bonus pack called Junkwars community bonus pack who is made by folks who are still producing weapons for BW and most importantly who made that expansion which includes more than 100 weapons, every weapons are selectable with the mutator so you can remove any weapon who is a throwing weapon You can also make your own weapon packs within BW and JW, it's quite good for beginners, and I personally did that (even if I never released my own stuff because it's poorly coded) bur rather included it in someone else's pack Otherwise just make your own thing, but really I often suggest JW for melee and BW for everything else because these mods have enough features for almost everything with combat in FPS and you can add your own custom content on top of it.


                That sounds awesome and I can't wait to start modding again. But I haven't been able to buy a computer yet.

                Are you the same blade hunter as in moddb?


                  Exactly the same


                    Cool stuff.
                    Nice to find you here aswel.
                    I really hope I can get to start modding again soon.
                    Its been too long.

                    Ut2004 engine has so much potential, and even after 10 years of its release, it still hasn't been used to its full potential.
                    So much you can do.


                      I love Junk Wars, some great melee weapons there.
                      The warp zone thing sounds cool. Some trial and error could get it running.
                      I remember in DM-HollywoodHolocaust there were some video monitors of different areas, maybe having a scripted trigger to work along with it.


                        I did the image slide show myself in one of my maps.

                        Will defo check that out.