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How to convert CTF maps to DM maps?

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    How to convert CTF maps to DM maps?

    Now that I've created a voice pack, I wanna create something else now.

    I'll start off easy by converting maps to different game types. I've seen it happen before and I wanna know how to do it. First, I wanna convert a CTF map into a DM map. My primary target is the CTF map AlienCandy. I love the map because it's huge and has water, but it's too big for a CTF battle in my opinion. Whenever I hand my teammate/bot the flag, they end up dying before they can even escape the enemy base due to the map's large size and abundance of water. I wanna convert it into a DM map so there's more action and fighting.

    If someone could help me out with this, that'd be great!

    Hello? Can anybody help me please? Someone?


      Recommend you google UnrealWiki and UT2k4 mapping tutorials. I'm feeling in a good mood, so here's some stuff I hope can help you start out.

      Conversion is pretty simple for CTF to DM.
      1. The quick and dirty way: All you need to do is open the CTF map in UnrealEd, and then save it as a different map name starting with "DM-" instead of "CTF-". The map should then show up in the DM map list.

      2. The correct way: Open the CTF map in Unreal Editor (UEd) and rename it (and save it) starting with "DM-" (that way the game recognizes it). Find the two flag actors (blue and red) and delete them. Now, since the map was probably planned as CTF, all of the player starts are probably grouped together by team. In general, you should probably find all of the player starts, delete them, and then add new player starts throughout the map (making sure to rotate them correctly so that they are facing a good direction). You may also want to adjust the weapons, ammo, and pickups (armor, damage amp, adrenaline) locations. Then rebuild the bot pathing (can take a long time depending on the level geometry and your computer's processor speed) so that they can navigate away from the new player starts and to ammo/weapons/adrenaline etc. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE LEVEL OFTEN!!!! UEd can crash unexpectedly (especially with "circular" shader references etc).

      I'd recommend searching for tutorials on the UnrealWiki, as they still have a lot of stuff with respect to (w.r.t.) UT2k4 and UT99 etc.

      Here are a few tutorials for:
      1. CTF mapping
      2. Mapping for DM
      3. Link to other "Mapping for" information
      4. Info on Map Flow

      The "old" UT2kx engine Unreal Developer Network (UDN Two) site has lots of good general mapping/optimization info etc. (no longer searchable, but most links from this Site Map page still work)