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How to code animations like reload, proneing, crouching, any animation really

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    How to code animations like reload, proneing, crouching, any animation really

    Hi. I got all the guns and anims etc for ut2004 in the unreal ed, but where do I begin, how do I make them use the modern gun, fixjam it, reload it, sling weapon, add suppressor, basically all the animations I have listed there in unreal ed.. I really need help with this I have lots of modern warfare guns that I like to use and see in first person but how do you do that, let alone do that animations. Theres heaps of animations. Theres lots for third person anims also. Someone mentioned you can change the speed of the players (that I want to change) by decompiling I think a uc file or something, and then adding it back in. I cant remember what topic. Anyway im very new to this.

    Since I tried to modify BW and put weapons in I can tell that most modern warfare guns only needs to reuse an existing weapon in the mod and change a few stats. I don't know if your weapons will work with BW, but that's probably the minimum required for you Otherwise you need to see how an UT2004 weapon is coded (source is available) and then try to add functions and animation calls
    This is my modest help here as Ballistic weapons is easily expandable and posess features from most realistic shooters