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.FBX to .BVH? Or How to get .FBX animation into ut2004?

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    .FBX to .BVH? Or How to get .FBX animation into ut2004?

    Firstly, I have animations that are in .fbx format, and wonder how I can get em into the game replace some stock animations like running shooting etc. Is there a .FBX to .BVH converter out there OR.. How do you get .FBX into ut2004 because ive looked everywere for tutorials and cant find how to do it. There custom animations, not rigged to the ut2004 biped, and wonder how to replace some of the existing anims with my ones. But I have no way of getting them into the game. Is it even possible, or do I need a .FBX to .BVH conversion and THEN apply to the unreal tournaments biped. And then export and import it into unrealED. Ive been trying to figure this out for quite some time I hope some of you know how.

    UT2004 only imports vertex animated models, or skeletal animations in the .psk/.psa format.

    Milkshape3D might be able to import the .FBX anims and export them as .psa format, but if the animations are for a different base skeletal system (different bone names and positions/rotations etc.) then they won't work for the default UT2k4 player skeletons. I think a couple of the higher end animation programs (and apparently UE/UT4) have animation retargetting capability where you manually set up how one skeleton relates to another (e.g., bone "elbow_r" in one skel equals "right_elbow" on another skel, but twisted 90 degrees about the x-axis) and then the program translates the animations (via rotation matrix transformations, bone scaling etc.) to the new skeletal system.

    You could probably write a matlab script or C++ program to do the transformations for you, but it would probably take quite a lot of trial and error to get the algorithm right (nevermind the basics of just being able to properly parse/read a text or binary animation file).

    I wrote my own .smd (halflife anim/model format in easy to read text format) to .psk/.psa converter about 10 years ago so that I could animate my own models in CharacterFX and Milkshape3D and export to be used in UT/UT2kx, but I remember how frustrating it was to get the rotation transformations correct going between pitch/yaw/roll rotation format in a right-handed coordinate system (OpenGL in MS3D) to a Quaternion rotation format in a left-handed coordinate system (Direct3D in Ued).......

    As time consuming as it might sound, manually remaking the animations on the default UT2k4 skels may not take as long a you think for just a couple of animations. Half the work of animating seems to just be figuring out how you want the animation to look/flow/move. If you have the "new" animation open in one program so that you can slide it between keyframes (as a reference), all you have to do in your animation program is adjust the default UT2kx skel to match the pose for each frame. I've done this for my own custom player skel to recreate several of the UT99 death, swimming, and jumping animations; while they don't look perfect, they still match the UT "feel" pretty well.


      Okay, I got a psa file and psk, the psa can import into unrealEd but will it work renaming the new animation to the old stock one to replace it? This is a custom rig not affiliated with the ut2004 sdk character rig. Is there any way at all to make this work? Or to get it in there it has to be rigged on the ut2004 character rig, with its bones. How do we go about this


        If the .psa animation set has enough animations (4 running anims, 4 walking anims, 4 swimming anims etc.) then yes, all you have to do is rename the anim sequences, but, you can't merge animations that use one skeleton into another animation set unless the base skeleton's match (the engine attempts to match bones by name, but it won't make any adjustments to the bone scale, orientation etc.)

        You can import any skeletal player mesh you want into UT2k4, but if its not rigged to one of the five default UT2kx skeletal rigs, then you will also need it's custom animations to include an animation sequence for every existing sequence in the default UT2kx set (since that is what the code looks for by sequence name).

        Can you post a picture of the custom model and skeletal rig in UEd with the Bone Name label option enabled?


          I found another way. Is it possible to send a .bip animation into the game? Ive put it on one of the standard ut rig, and the animations works fine, I click digest animation but I don't know where the file go's? Or is there a way to make the .bip animation into a .psa file for unrealed

          [Edit] Problem fixed. Okay I got it working on default ut characters, but when I apply em on your yarm characters theres stuck in t-pose, did you use a custom skeleton or some sort, i want em to work on your characters. What kind of rig did you use or howd you get it into game is it custom rig not affiliated with the standard rigs? If you got it from a different 3dmax character rig I chose a different one to, which one did you use for your yarm characters?


            My YARM characters use a completely custom skeletal rig, with different bone names than UT2k4, I made in Milkshape3D back when my mod was originally set up for UT99 around 2002-2003 (I made several mistakes in the original skeletal setup like not including collar bone joints). I made all of the animations by keyframing using CharacterFX (which is now freeware and even has Inverse Kinematics), then exporting to MS3D ascii format, then exporting to HL .SMD format from MS3D, then converting to .psa format via a conversion utility I wrote in C++ about 9 years ago. The default UT2kX skeletons have really, really weird proportions that make then all look really skinny/super stretched out, which is one reason why I did not rig my own character models to them.


              ****. So I suppose you don't have the custom rig in 3dmax I can export the animation to. Any idea to get em on them at all in unrealed or its just impossible, theres no other way around this? Or any suggestions.

              [Edit] Also, how would I go about adding new custom anims to use in game on default ut rigs, like going prone. I can export the anim put it in the set with the rest of the ut stock anims for that character in unrealed, but how do I actually go prone, do I have to code something.


                What do you want to do with my player models exactly? I don't have the rig in 3DSMax compatible format. I guess it could be exported from MS3D in the Half-Life .smd format and then imported into 3DSM via once of the script importer written for the .smd format....

                If you want to add new animations to the default UT2k4 rigs (without overwriting the default rigs in UnrealEd) you have to use uscript (and link the new anims to the pawn via the LinkSkelAnim function). If you want to actually add the capability to go prone, you would definitely have to do it through code. In my case for YARM (and I think pretty much every other mod that included prone) I used a custom pawn class to integrate all of that functionality. I think you could write an ugly hack (using a custom inventory item for instance) that *might* be able to add the prone/crawling capability without having to replace the default xPawn class, but it would be a challenge to cleanly implement it all and maintain network game/replication compatibility.


                  You can get the rig out of ukx files with gildor's umodel and actorx importer script for max. But it won't be a biped, just bones.