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removing maps with all files that came with it

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    i have two separate locations with my unreal - one with all the stuff i have and second one to test new customs - i just need to get rid of old stuff i don't need 35GB - that is my main ut folder now too much stuff i never used but i dont want to make a fresh install - it will be hard to find almost 2000 maps again

    i'll check UTDeps. Thanks a lot for your time and help

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    UTDeps will show all files REQUIRED by a map - including normal UT2004 assets. It should be fairly easy to tell in most cases what belonged to the custom map, but also try enabling the date modified and date created columns in your folder. Then look for timestamps that match the map. UTDeps won't show the ogg files, but you can open the map in the editor, and go to view>level properties and you'll see.

    What I recommend for you in the future is to set up a set of folders for testing maps, and another set for installing maps.

    First make a folder called "Test" in your UT2004 folder. Then make folders for all the UT file types. Copy them and put them in a sub folder called "Folder Structure" or similar. When you're done testing something, you can quickly delete all folders except the "Folder Structure" folder. Then copy all the folders from "Folder Structure" to set it back up again.

    Add these to your UT2004.ini under [Core.System]:

    Likewise, set up similar folder for installing custom content. What I actually did was set it up ones for the default files, but either way works. You can still separate them if you sort everything by date, if you installed the CD/DVD version all the core content will have timestamps within a few minutes of each other, but with a downloaded version from Steam or GOG the timestamps will be further apart.


    You'll notice that I didn't make a folder for KarmaData, for whatever reason that folder doesn't seem to work with this setup.

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  • started a topic removing maps with all files that came with it

    removing maps with all files that came with it

    I want to remove a lot of maps i have but i'm not sure... is there any way to check witch files came with the .ut2 file? (sometimes in the .rar file there is no only ut2 file, theres music, animations bunch of stuff, i want to delete it too )