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Need help with bot waypointing

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    Need help with bot waypointing

    Hi. When I try to make waypoints for the bots to go from outside into then a room inside a building, then click rebuild ai paths so I can see if they connect to eachother, the pathnode doesnt connect from outside into the room. It just comes up with this error "No paths from pathnodes44" in the error box. Any idea how to attach a pathnode from outside to then inside a building? You must have to change something before you can connect them im guessing.

    Also, on a side note: How do you make the bots roam around the map freely with the waypoints you set up without them going backwards once they reach a certain waypoint, they go all the way back to the start once they reach a certain random distance waypoint. Im only using "PathNode" as a waypoint, maybe im suppose to be using a different one. How do you make them NOT go allll the way back to the start but back 2 3 waypoints and then keep going forward, im doing something wrong. I mean if they go back 2 3 waypoints that's fine but all the way back to the start? Sorry im very new to waypointing

    Sometimes paths won't connect if there is something in the way like a blocking volume, collision from a mesh, or the opening is too small. Try looking from the perspective of that node to see if the other one is clearly visible with plenty of room on the sides. They might also be too far away from each other. Try putting one node directly in the doorway, and then ones on either side, very close to the one in the doorway. If that doesn't work, you can can force paths - right click and look at the path node's properties and find the ForcedPaths option. You'll need to do it on both, so PathNode123 would need a forced path to PathNode111, and 111 would need a forced path to 123. You can find out the name by looking at the "object" section when you right click.

    As for you side note, path networks are ways of explaining the level to bots - where they are allowed to go, where the pickups are, where objectives like flags are, and what the most efficient routes are between these things. At higher bot difficulties they will time valuable pickups like kegs and DD and try to arrive when they spawn - that is if there is a clear and efficient route to them.

    If you right-click your viewport and select "show paths" you'll see how everything is connected with colored lines and be able to spot areas that don't link up. That's most likely the problem, only some of your nodes are connected, but as long as a node is connected to at least one pickup or navigation point you won't get an error when building paths.

    By the way, this is a very good tutorial and reference on the subject:


      Hey, thanks so much. I have another question. When I place a pathnode close to other ones it turns green and connects to it In multiple ways, but we cant have that because his going up stairs and is trying to go through the wall where the waypoint is above that wall once you climb the stairs. Is there any way to make just one straight path up the stairs without it going green and connect to other waypoints, like disconnect the ones that go auto connected after you rebuild ai paths. I wanna remove some of the lines from the node, and not have it join random nodes automatically. Is there a way to get rid of em manually? [EDIT] Oh nevermind, think I found it "•Red line - proscribed path. A path between two NavigationPoints can be proscribed (forbidden) by putting the name of the destination NavigationPoint in the ProscribedPaths[] array of the source NavigationPoint (in the NavigationPoint properties sheet)."


        Yep, that's it. You want to use that when bots are running into walls or getting stuck on meshes and such. Placing nodes at a consistent height from the ground and near edges also helps with that - helps "explain" the level better to them - but if it's something like a jump a player could make without much difficulty, set a forced path to a JumpSpot (also covered in that article.)


          Dumb question but ive been adding waypoints a different way, how do you snap them to grid? so it doesn't go underground. Also, ive added lots of waypoints all over the map but the bots are following at the start one of the waypoints instead of 10 others at spawn point, they eventually split up and spread out and go different directions the bots, after they reached a certain one 20 metres ahead and go different directions. How do you randomize it more so they don't start going off like that in a group at the start till they reach the 20 metre waypoint. Also, with ladders, why does the bots sometime go up and then jump to the bottom of the ladder and climb back up and jump down again consistently. Also, they sometimes freeze at the bottom of the ladder(not climbing it) looking up with there shoulder to the ladder standing there idling not moving an inch like a frozen animation. Any idea how to fix this? [EDIT] One last question, when I get the bots to open a door, the door moves into to them making the door freeze, how do I make the door push the bots so it doesn't freeze all the time, because once its frozen, you cant open or close it or anything, you cant unfreeze it. Making the door push the bots while still opening will help


            Doors that swing open, rather than slide out of the way, are generally very, very bad for Bots. I seem to remember that you can change door mover's collision to pass through pawns while they are moving (Mover->MoverEncroachType->ME_ignoreWhenEncroach or something like that), which although it may not look great, functions OK for game purposes.

            The only way I've ever been able to fix bot's use of ladders (prevent them from getting stuck at top) was to make and use my yarm Bot Ladder Fix mutator (packaged with YARM). The mutator checks a level for ladders volumes and actors, and spawns an actor at the top of each ladder that gives bot controlled pawns a boost forward and up at the top of ladders (basically giving them a little toss to get off the top of the ladder) when they are climbing up.


              Thanks Meowcat it worked. As for the ladders im using the bot ladder fix mutator unfortunetly and still isn't working I have no idea what it could be, it should be working. Also do you know how to randomise the waypoints? Theres gotta be something I did wrong with the node as they go up the ladder, all I know is I made it a onewaypath up and then go to the next waypoint, some of the bots tho sometimes successfully climb the ladders. I just added ladder5 to climb up ladder6 one way path and it shouldn't be anything wrong with that, I don't know what else it could be. Also, how do you snap to grid, it allways go underground, on the map I was working on with pathnodes it didn't do that but on other ones it did. Is there also a way to open doors with pressing the use key.

              Thanks meowcat, you've been a really REALLY big help with a lot of things. And your mutators are really really good it has everything.


                What I've found helps with ladders is to make the ladder volume and its exit as high as possible. (Note: be sure to turn on ladder strafing so you you can move to the left or right while on the ladder.) But yeah, bots just don't do well with ladders in general. On alternative you can try is making steps out of blocking volumes. This works well if the ladder is at an angle and not very high. It also lets you travel upwards faster. Or just put in a jump pad there instead.

                Your grid spacing will affect actor and mesh placement, so set it to 1 to make it easier to be precise.

                The easiest thing to do is select a node (or any actor or mesh) and press ctrl + w to duplicate it. A duplicate will appear in its spot, and the original will be right next to it, still highlighted, slightly offset (based on your gird) from its original position. So keep in mind that any forced or proscribed paths will be pointing to the one you're holding, while the new one will be left in the original one's spot. So what I suggest is add a new path node actor, then duplicate that one to avoid messing up your forced paths, and they will all be at approximately the same height.

                In your previous post, if I understand it correctly, are all or most of the bots spawning in the same place? What's likely happening is they are all going for the same objective (weapon, powerup etc.) that happens to be near where they started. This is somewhat influenced by their default orders, tactics and skill level, favorite weapon, etc., but if there's only one thing for them to go to in range, they simply don't have much choice.

                What kind of map is this? If it's DM, the player starts need to be distributed all over the map. CTF and other team modes should have several areas where players can start. The only mode I can think of that needs a highly restricted spawn area is Assault, and even then you need a fairly large spawning area with several player starts. The other problem is likely not having enough things for them to choose from, so try putting another weapon or pickup about the same distance away, but in another direction.


                  What do you mean by make the ladder volume and its exit as high as possible. Can you tell me how to do this what setting i have to change in the volume properties can you be more specific. Also the first team of bots spawn in the same place with me at the start, the other team of bots are at the other end of the map, also, theres no weapon powerup etc in the map. The map I have is a realism map, with meowcats yarm team elimination gametype, im trying to make the bots go all over the map without all the pickups, flags etc, if this is even possible without them. If its possible to still make the bots patrol all waypoints without powerups, pickups etc, im curious to know what it is


                    If the height of the volume is too low, both bots and humans will have difficulty exiting the ladder volume, that's all I meant.

                    There are some options for getting bots to do team-oriented behaviors, such as AI scripts and assault paths, all covered in the advanced bot pathing tutorial. The "Common Pathing Problems/Solutions" section should help too. I don't know anything about that gametype, but meowcat should be able to give you some suggestions.


                      Hi saasfs,
                      I've never made any team game maps without powerups so I don't have many pointers (I've made a few single player maps for my mod's SP game type, but the enemy AI was different too).

                      What the old UT mod Infiltration did was to make the maps with powerups (health, ammo, weapons etc.) and then use the game mode (or a mutator should work too) to remove the powerups. From what I can tell (and vaguely remember) the bots still must have used the path weights as if the pickups were there as they moved around the map quite bit. You could probably code a simple mutator to remove the mapper placed powerups fairly easily. The UnrealWiki has some examples.

                      As for the ladders, what jefe said has been my experience too. In the side view I always have the ladder volume extend down to 16uus above the floor on the bottom (it could probably touch the floor and be OK too), and have the top of the ladder volume extend at least 48uus above the floor of the ladder top exit.


                        With "Show Paths" saasfs and the lines are white is good.. it means the bots have an easy route to follow. Green is tighter and fine but if the lines are blue I usually widen the area or remove an obstacle to allow the lines to be either white or green.

                        The doorway blocking (PathNode44) is Path-Colliding from a StaticMesh in its Collision Properties. Click it to False.

                        The ladder thing is true from above posts, just set it way higher above the ladder exit. I have never seen bots go down ladders though as they usually jump down.

                        I read Bot-Pathing tutorials years ago and you can make them do interesting things as in DoubleJump to areas, use the Translocator etc.. and you can set PathNodes values (bots prefer oneway than another) as in an Attack route and a Defensive routes but that's usually for meant CTF.

                        If you wanted to really get into Bot-Pathing then use a Trigger to "move" the Pathnode into the map later on. You'd have so much control.