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Help mei need expert hosting help

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    Help mei need expert hosting help

    And is I want to host this server from my batch file exe but everytime i do it the way i want i got the server up and running and this is the code i use---

    @echo off
    ucc server DM-Antalus?game=SkaarjPack.Invasion?mutator=XGame.Mut InstaGib
    ini=UT2004.ini log=server.log
    copy server.log servercrash.log
    goto 10

    QUESTION IS :::: can some one provide me with a version of this code in the format for assault and the map named "AS-MH(TormentedPalace).ut2" and the mutator (maybe just instagib idc but it needs one mutator)

    Becasue i will end up changing the mutator trying to find the actuall path name for the mod/mut ut2004rpg

    Maybe ut2004rpg doesn't work with assualt but earlier i heard it is universal for gamemodes then i downloaded it for my assault maps but only got it working in instant action mode.

    if anyone knows what the path name or mutator name to write into the batch file under the mutators for UT2004RPG is pleasee tell me so i may host an assualt rpg game.... (>>,)

    Sorry for asking a similar question to my other thread in Problems with hosting again... but this is the last thing i need for I won't ever need to post about the server hosting again becasue i only want a assault/rpg/mh server.
    p.s. "RPG" is the only mutator it gets thats all i want on the server. PLEASE REPLY WITH ATLEAST TELLING ME TO DO IT THE HARD WAY